Create A Character

So Me and Beanie found this cool website, (well actually Beanie found it and showed it to me.) And we thought we'd make a create a character movella about it! All you have to do to get your own character, is fill in the form in the first chapter. :)


1. Fill in this Form


Hair colour:

Hair style:

Eye colour:

Eye shape:

Skin tone:

Clothing & colour:

Misc: (Angel wings, necklace, hair accessory, etc.)


Glasses:  (optional)


Hand signal/ holding item: (Optional)

Facial hair: (Dude only)

Face detail: (Freckles, beauty marks, etc.)

Scars: (Optional)

Mouth: (Jeff killer, sewn shut, Homicidal Liu, Small, Open, Big, etc.)


(Comment the answers to the form. :) )


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