Secrets || H.S. Sequel to His Slave || H.S.

Sequel to the deleted His Slave. || H.S.

Harry has his secrets, and so does Alina.

Not telling each other will keep anyone from getting hurt, right?

They're both in for a world of hurt.

©Copyright of khloerose 2014. All rights reserved.


9. matchmaker.

a/n: I'm really sorry. I love you all. #terribleauthor. more info in the ending author note.


       Olivia's POV


       I was a bit envious of the relationship between Seth and Alina. She was absolutely gorgeous, with her long dirty blonde hair and pretty eyes. She was truly a beaut, while I thought of myself as a Plain Jane, with shoulder-length brown hair, hazel eyes, no curves. I watched them go down to the water from the large window. 

     I wish that was me... I thought to myself, twiddling my thumbs. Seth seemed scary at first, but I started to enjoy his company. I don't know what he thought of me. Was I simply a toy to him? He would always sneak up behind me, leaving little kisses on my jawline, or caressing my hips with his fingers in such a loving manner that I expected him to actually love me. But he rejected me. He went for his ex, who I already knew had to have a boyfriend/master with her incredible looks. I didn't think that would ever happen to me. I walked away from the window and up the stairs to my bedroom. I pushed open the doors, closing them behind me. Seth was so kind as to buy me a variety of clothes. My room was large, much bigger than that of mine at my old home. 

    I walked into the closet, thinking, If I want Seth, I have to make him want me first. I pulled down a black short-sleeved Thornton Bregazzi crop, along with a pair of black ripped skinnies, and my jeans vest and white Chuck Taylor's. I smiled at my creation, changing out of my pyjamas. I smoothed out the small creases on the vest, walking out of the closet, back downstairs, and past the kitchen. There sat Alina and Seth on the couch, cuddling into each other. My shoe squeaked a bit on the wooden floor, and Alina shot up, looking back at me. 

   I faked a small smile, turning away, acting as if I was going to go downstairs and not trying to seduce Seth. 

    "Wait!" Alina called out to me, making me turn my head.

     "Did you need something, ma'am?" I asked her, harsher than I meant to. She looked taken aback, yet still nodded, walking over to me. 

      "We'll be right back, Seth," she said over her shoulder to Seth who sat there looking pitiful and hot on the couch. Alina strangely linked arms with me, walking over to the balcony. 

      "You have the hots for him," Alina said plainly, leaning against the balcony. I stared at her wide-eyed, not yet denying the statement.

      "What!?!?" I said, playing the 'I-don't-know-what-you're-talking-about' act. She looked me in the eyes, giving me a "You're really going to play that one?" look. I sighed, breaking eye contact and looking out towards the water.

      "Is it that obvious..?" I asked her softly. 

       "Yea, babe. It really is. Trust me dear, he's irresistible." I smiled, nodding in agreement. A question of curiosity suddenly struck my mind.

        "If you don't mind telling me, how did you and Seth actually meet?" I asked her, "I'm pretty sure it wasn't in the unfortunate way that he and I did," We both giggled softly at this, and she began.


       Alina's POV


      It was break time for everyone during home school hours, and all of the children would run out to the neighbourhood park to play. Mykenzie, my best friend of that time, and I linked arms and walked out to the park with each other. We weren't that young, only 15. There were a group of guys who were hanging around the benches, and one of them caught my eye. He was cute, freckles running across his face, telling me he was outside a lot. We made eye contact, and he winked. Me, being the foolish 15 year-old that I was smiled, waving to him. Mykenzie looked over at me, nudging me in my side with her bony elbow.

   "Ow, Kenz. Could you dig any further into my side?" I complained to her. She rolled her eyes.

   "Don't wave at them. They're bad boys. I heard that they set the rubbish behind the local grocer on fire, and stole cigarettes from the store when the owner ran out," She explained, glaring at the group of them. 

   I was nevertheless intrigued by this story, making me only gain interest in the same boy who winked at me. 

  "What if I like bad boys?" I asked, more to myself than to Mykenzie. Two days later, I was skipping school to go hang out with Seth and his friends to go have a smoke. It was the first time I smoked a cigarette.


    Olivia looked up at me, a distant look in her eyes as I ended the story. 

     "Wow," was the only reply I got from that. I laughed softly.

      "I'll set you up with him," I told her, kind of regretting it after the words came out of my mouth.

       "B-but, wasn't he your first?" She asked me softly.

      "Yea, but I've fallen in love with another. I had to move on sooner or later when he ran away." She hugged me tightly. I smiled, patting her back. 


     Didn't know I could be a matchmaker.


READ:  hey, babes. I haven't been on for a few days, I know. but with holiday coming up for me, I have plenty of sports practice, family matters, and I'm on the verge of having a breakdown. with almost everything in my life coming crashing down on top of me, I'm finding it really hard to spend time to update more. I definitely don't want to put my stories on hold cos that's torture for you, but I don't know if I can continue to update daily. I'll try for every other day, and if I have time, I'll try in between as well, but I can't make a promise that I might break. I love you all. thank you for sticking with me and my messed up self.

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