Secrets || H.S. Sequel to His Slave || H.S.

Sequel to the deleted His Slave. || H.S.

Harry has his secrets, and so does Alina.

Not telling each other will keep anyone from getting hurt, right?

They're both in for a world of hurt.

©Copyright of khloerose 2014. All rights reserved.


12. lips.

a/n: this will be a good one. hopefully you like it. by the way, there may/will be a short transition of POV towards the middle. you'll see why.


               Alina's POV


               Later on after meeting Arabella, eating her food, and proving my 'ownership' of Harry, I was called up by the girls (Eleanor, Perrie, etc.) to get out of the house and have a girls day. 

              "Babe," I began, walking over to where Harry was, laying on the bed shirtless in  watching some reality television show. I sat on top of his stomach, making him face me. I was wearing one of his shirts, and I had already knew that that was a turn-on for him. He bit his lip, and I smirked softly, deciding to take the teasing a little further. I placed kisses from his collarbone, all the way down his mid-stomach. His breaths shallowed. He noticed me smirking. 

            "Why are you making that face?" He asked me, his voice practically dripping with desperation. I trailed my pointer finger all the way down the middle of his chest.

           "Cos, it looks like someone's excited," I told him in a matter-of-factly tone. He raised an eyebrow.

           "And how would you know that?"

            "You're wearing shorts-" was all I got out before he topped me and attacked my neck with kisses and love bites. The thoughts of Arabella flew out of my mind and moans were slipping out of my mouth until we were interrupted by an amazing actress called Arabella. I pulled down my shirt and smoothed my hair as she spoke to Harry,

           "Haz!! There's a spider! Please kill it!" She whined, tugging on his arm. He mouthed, 'I'm sorry, babe' as he was dragged out of the room. I packed a small duffel bag filled with one night necessities (makeup, clothes, etc.), stripping out of Harry's shirt and into a cropped white Bardot shell top, Selected black crochet shorts, Jeffrey Campbell Argo white plaform sandals, and my Annabel Ingall Small Isabella Tote. My hair was done in a simple side braid and I walked out of the bedroom, walking down the stairs to where Harry and Arabella were splitting their sides on the couch together. Harry noticed me, looking up.

           "Where are you going, love?" Harry asked, curiosity in his tone. Arabella nodded, putting on her innocent act again.

           "Yea, where are you going, Lina? Harry and I were just about to put on a movie," she said softly, sticking her bottom lip out for emphasis.

           "The girls invited me over for a night with them, so I'm just going to head out..." I explained. They nodded. Harry stopped me though,

           "Why don't you take Bella with you too? She needs some more female friends," Arabella rested her hand on his upper thigh. I growled under my breath. Harry looked over at her. She shook her head no.

         "I don't think so, Hare... I'd rather stay here with you." Arabella said softly, squeezing his hand. A small smile formed on his face. 

         With my duffel bag in hand and tote on shoulder, Arabella winked and waved at me when I put my hand on the doorknob. To give her a taste of her own medicine, I walked up to the two of them, turning Harry's face towards mine. Aware that Arabella was watching, I forced his lips onto mine and gave him a steamy kiss, not hesitating to run my fingers through his hair. He moaned softly against my lips and that was my signal to pull away. 

        "I'll see you later, babe." Harry nodded, breathless and speechless. 

        "Bye, Bells. You two have fun,"


        "Oh we will."



a/n: sounds like trouble. 

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khloe. xx

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