Secrets || H.S. Sequel to His Slave || H.S.

Sequel to the deleted His Slave. || H.S.

Harry has his secrets, and so does Alina.

Not telling each other will keep anyone from getting hurt, right?

They're both in for a world of hurt.

©Copyright of khloerose 2014. All rights reserved.


4. curiosity killed the cat.

a/n: so tired. you don't even know. but I'll manage. love you all.


          Alina's POV


          It was the day after learning about Lucia that Harry had to run out to do some 'errands'. It was as if everyday I felt as if we were getting further and further away from each other, for the proper reasons of course. We both had things that we had to share with each other that we just weren't ready to share. I had cleaned up the house a bit, so everything looked presentable. I sat on the couch, watching some time-wasting reality television show. I sighed softly, switching off the telly, and walking upstairs to Harry and my room. My bare feet hit the cold floor of the bedroom, and I walked over to the dresser to pull out a pair of socks. 

         Most times the socks were just stuffed to the bottoms of the drawers, so I pushed everything to the side, and instead of finding a pair of socks, I found a small velvet case. I raised my eyebrows in suspicion and took the case out. I tiptoed over to the bed. Sitting on the edge, I opened the op which luckily didn't need a key. Inside the case there was a whole pile of photos of Harry and a gorgeous girl who had long blonde-ish brown-ish hair such as my own. Some of the photos were Polaroids, and they had labels that read, 'Harry and Lucia.' I gasped softly, surprised at my discovery. There were pictures of them at different parks, different cities, even different countries. I also found a few pictures of them sharing a snog, and it hurt me a bit inside even though Lucia passed. The picture that was on the bottom of the pile was a picture of Harry, Lucia, and two people I guessed to be Harry's parents. I turned the picture over, hoping to find a clue, and before I could read it, there was a deep voice that echoed off the walls of the bedroom.

        "Hasn't your mother ever taught you that 'curiosity killed the cat'?" I yelped, hurriedly putting the photos back in the case, gladly not ripping one of them. I left the velvet case open on the bed, standing up to meet the intimidating looking Harry. Of course he never usually was intimidating, but his tone of voice made me anxious. 

         "Well?" Harry asked, "What do you have to say for yourself?" 

         "I-I, w-well, I was looking for a pair of socks because the floor was cold, a-and, I came across the case." I managed to explain.

         "So, that gave you permission to go snooping through my things?" He said harshly, and I looked down at the floor. 

         "I'm sorry..." I said softly. Harry scoffed loudly, making me look up.

         "'Sorry' doesn't take away you looking at those photos. Do you need to be punished?" My eyes widened.

         "No! I mean, please, I won't go through your stuff again, please, just please don't spank me," I almost cried out, begging him. He laughed darkly, speaking once more,

         "Of course you're not going to get spanked, love." And he left it at that. Nothing else was spoken as he pulled me by my wrist up to the fourth floor, where there was a white locked door at the end of the winding staircase. Harry unlocked it with a hidden key, and a barren hallway stood there. Another white locked door was there. Harry unlocked the door with a different key, and an almost empty room was there. All that was located in the room was a large circular window looking out to the sea, with a white bed that had a sheet and a thin blanket with a single pillow on top of it, pushed over to the side. My eyes widened as they had before.

       "You're staying here for the night. I'll come get you in morning," Harry explained, letting go of my wrist that was now red and sore.

       "Harry," I cried, "Please don't leave me in here." Harry shook his head, not able to meet my eyes.

       "You need to think about what you've done. I'll see you in the morning." Harry said softly, walking out of the bedroom, locking the door from the outside. Another door was shut, and I faintly heard the twisting of the key. I sighed, sitting on the bed. The window was kind of high for me, so I wasn't able to see through it without standing on my tiptoes. An idea came to my mind, and I heaved the heavy bed over to the window, standing up on top of it to look out the window. I sighed softly.


     There were so many more secrets...

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