Secrets || H.S. Sequel to His Slave || H.S.

Sequel to the deleted His Slave. || H.S.

Harry has his secrets, and so does Alina.

Not telling each other will keep anyone from getting hurt, right?

They're both in for a world of hurt.

©Copyright of khloerose 2014. All rights reserved.


10. best friend...

a/n: good chappy. I'm on a roll right now.


        Alina's POV


        After playing matchmaker for a little bit (although Seth still showed his interest in me, we had a beginning), I decided it was time to head home. Hopefully Harry was home, sobered up. Seth dropped me, and I waved at him from the front door, unlocking it afterwards and waving once more when I stepped inside. He drove away and I closed the door, locking it behind me. I examined my surroundings. No clothes strewn all over the place, no broken vases or anything. I stepped out of my heels, picking them up by the backs and walking up the stairs. The doors of the bedroom was open, and at first glance, Harry didn't look as to be in the bedroom. I walked inside of it, hearing voices wafting from the French doors into the room. 

      I raised an eyebrow, tiptoeing quietly and peeking my head around the corner or the door to see Harry and a girl sitting dangerously close next to each other on the small lounge chair. His arm was thrown casually around her waist, and her head was leaning on his shoulder. She appeared to be sad, wiping her eyes from what I could see. She looked fit from the side, long auburn coloured hair that curled a bit at the ends, and she was dressed in what looked to be as Harry's shirt. I furrowed my eyebrows, storming out to face them. Harry's eyes widened, as well as the girl's eyes. They both stood up, parting themselves from one another. Her face turned red, and Harry looked at me with a guilty look mixed in with something else.

      "Would someone like to explain to me why my boyfriend is sitting next to a girl that is most definitely not his girlfriend, who also happens to be wearing my boyfriend's shirt?" I asked, crossing my arms over my chest. Harry took a deep breath. 

       "Love, I'd like you to meet Arabella, my best friend for years over now," Harry said, standing where he was not quite between us, so Arabella and I were facing each other. She was very attractive, a bit pale, freckles scattered across her cheeks, kind of like Seth's. Her eyes were greenish-hazel, no doubt a pretty mix. She gave me a meek smile, speaking softly,

       "It's a pleasure to finally meet the famous Alina that I've heard about. Only good things of course," she spoke, winking at me and smiling. "You're much more gorgeous than Harry described you to be," I smiled at this, glancing at Harry who stood there nervously playing with his fingers. Harry finally spoke up,

       "I thought it would be kind of me for Arabella to stay with us for a few weeks while she settles back in London," he explained the reason as to why she was here. I was mentally rolling my eyes. "She just returned back from America. She left before she was sent to an auction house," he continued. I simply gave a simple nod. I smiled once at Arabella asking her politely,

       "May I please steal Harry from you for a moment or so?" She nodded without hesitation.

       "Oh, go ahead," she assured me, smiling innocently and sitting back down on the lounge chair. I pulled Harry by the wrist around the corner of the balcony. I turned around to face him, crossing my arms once more, quite angry but keeping my voice to a minimum so Arabella wouldn't hear us.

        "So you decided to be so nice as to let her stay in our home for a few weeks?" I asked him.

        "I couldn't just let her stay on the streets, Li, we've been friends since we were tots."

        "There are way too many hotels around for her to not have a place to go,"

        "That would mean she would be spending money each day for one place to stay," he explained. Even though he had a point, I was still fumed.

        "Point taken, yet you still never came to me after you decided you wanted to sober up from your little extravaganza with the guys," Harry broke eye contact, looking out at the view.

        "Okay, okay, fine, I could have come to you first, but while I was a bit smashed-" I glared at him. "Okay, quite smashed. But anyway, where were you? I come home to find you gone. What were your plans for the day?" Harry asked. I tapped my foot nervously.

       "I met up with an old friend," I said plainly.

       "Does this "old friend" happen to have a name?" I stayed silent. He only pressed. "Does this "old friend" happen to go by the name of Seth?" Once again, I stayed quiet. He scoffed. 

       "So it looks like I wasn't the only one to have a busy day," Harry said ashamed. I rolled my eyes.

      "And what is your explanation for the wonderful Arabella wearing your shirt and not one of her own?" I asked him, beyond annoyed. 

       "Well, Arabella didn't come back from America with any of her clothes besides the ones on her back, and she needed something else to wear." I raised my eyebrow sceptically. It sounded peculiar and it was peculiar.

        "That's believable," I spoke to him sarcastically. He rolled his eyes at me.

        "She'll only be staying for a few weeks, babe. I promise." Harry said, grabbing my hands in his. I looked him in the eyes.

         "You have to promise me one other thing, Haz," He nodded.

         "Nothing will happen between you two." Harry bobbed his head up and down.

          "Of course love, I only love you." I shook my head. 

          "Harry, I need you to promise."



         "I promise."


a/n: don't make promises you can't keep, Harry. tsk tsk tsk.

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