The Neighbors

Destiny was an average girl, but her past is dark. She doesn't see a reason to love anyone. That is until the day he moved next door. what happens? read to find out


4. Chapter 4

When I woke up, I tried going back to sleep, but the dipshit-I mean Aiden, had his music blasting. I stood up from my bed and walked over to his door.

"Aiden!" I yelled pounding on his door. When he didn't answer, I opened his door, which was surprisingly unlocked. I stepped in the room and walked back out. I felt blinded right now.

Aiden had a girl in bed with him. Why do I seem so surprised? That's what he does. He sleeps around with girls. But then why do I feel like my heart dropped? Must be from walking in on that. Yea that's what it is.

"Destiny what did you need?" Aiden asked walking out of his room in just boxers. I couldn't help the blush on my cheeks.

"Umm.... I-I just wanted t-to tell you I'm going for a run."

Damn I stuttered.

Aiden nodded and walked back into his room. I ran to my room and got changed into my running outfit. I went downstairs and grabbed a water bottle. I put my iPod on shuffle and walked out the house. I ran to the high school and sat down. I could feel the sweat running down my face.

"What's a cutie like yourself doing out by the school alone?" A voice said coming out from the shadows. I looked up and saw that it was none other than Anthony Diez. Aiden's best friend.

"Why does it concern you Anthony?" Venom dripped from my voice as I said his name with distaste.

"Feisty." He said moving closer. "I like it." He whispered in my ear.

We were inches apart. I pushed him and he fell back. He probably wasn't expecting that. I stood up and got ready to run. He looked at me. He was furious. I ran as fast as I could. I was running back to Aiden's house with Anthony on my tail. I ran up to the gate that leads to the Knight's house.

Once I was at the gate I was about to open the door, but Anthony gripped my hand and pulled me down to the ground. He slapped me in the face and my face turned to the side due to the force. He raised his hand about to slap me again when the front door to the Aiden's house opened and Aiden stepped out.

"Anthony what are you doing?!" Aiden's voice boomed making Anthony jump and look up.

"Teaching this bitch a lesson." Anthony replied smirking. Aiden looked to see who it was. When he saw it was me, his eyes darkened.

"Let. Her. Go." He growled out. Anthony quickly let me go and I ran to my car. I got in and drove off. I didn't know where and didn't care.

Aiden's P.O.V

"Dude what was that?" Anthony asked as he followed me into my house.

"Don't ever let me see you hurt her again. Got it?" I asked through clenched teeth.

I don't know why, but I felt anger towards Anthony when I found him with Destiny on the ground with a hand print across her face. When she got in her car I wanted to go after her, but I decided against it.

"What does that bitch mean to you anyway? She's just another whore." I pushed him up against the wall so quickly, I heard a crack. I held my forearm against his neck.

"Don't ever talk about her that way ever again and if I ever catch you hurting her, I will hurt you worse. Got. It?" I growled out. I let him go and walked away.

What's wrong with me? Where did Destiny go? Wait, why do I even care? She's just a girl that I have to live with for a month and that's it. But why do I suddenly feel worried about her?

My thoughts were interrupted by the house phone ringing. I walked over to it and answered.


"Hello, is this the Knight's residence?"

"Yes it is. What do you want?" I was getting more and more anxious by the minute.

"Destiny Bright has gotten into a car accident and is in the emergency room."

"What hospital?" I asked quickly as I put on my jacket.

"Riverside hospital." I hung up and ran out of the house to my bike. I drove quickly to the hospital. When I got there I parked and ran inside to the front desk.

"Destiny Bright?" I asked and the nurse- who looked to be in her early 20's- typed on her computer.

"She's still in surgery sir. Please take a seat in the waiting room and I will come and get you when I have news about her." I nodded and walked to the waiting room.

I knew I should've gone after her. How could I be so stupid?

I kicked the chair and sat down.


"Destiny Bright?" A doctor with a black clip board asked when he walked in the room. My head shot up and I looked at him. "Are you a family member?"

"No she's staying at my house for the month and her mother wants my parents to look after her. How is she?"

"Well... She has a minor concussion, 4 broken ribs, and a sprained wrist. She needs to stay overnight and if she wants she can go home tomorrow, but she needs to rest for a few weeks. She can't get out of bed unless she needs to use the bathroom, but someone needs to help her. You can see her if you want." I nodded and followed him to her room.

When I walked in her eyes were closed and there was a bandage wrapped around her head. The sight made me cringe. I pulled a chair to the side of the bed and sat down next to her. Her eyes fluttered open. She looked at me and inched back as if I was going to hurt her. She winced in pain and I couldn't help, but worry about her.

"It's ok. I won't hurt you. Are you ok?" I asked my voice soft.

"W-where am I?" She stuttered.

"In the hospital." Her eyes went wide. She had tears in her eyes.

"W-w-why? What happened?! Is he back?! No, no no, please." She whispered tears spilling from her eyes.

"Who's he?" I heard the machine beeping louder and louder.

She's scared. What do I do? Calm her down you idiot! Riiiiiight. Well?!

"Destiny calm down. No one will hurt you. I'll protect you. It's alright. Everything will be alright." I whispered in her ear as I cradled her in my arms lightly so I don't hurt her. I was now sitting in the bed with her. The beeping slowed and Destiny was quietly sobbing into my shirt. Soon I heard soft snores. I looked down at Destiny and her eyes was closed. I laid back and had her on me. I closed my eyes and darkness took over.

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