The Neighbors

Destiny was an average girl, but her past is dark. She doesn't see a reason to love anyone. That is until the day he moved next door. what happens? read to find out


2. Chapter 2

Help me. I texted to Taylor. Currently I was on my bed in my room.

Whats wrong?-Tay
I'm dying of boredom-Me
I'm right next to u rere-Tay

 I looked up and she was staring at me with the 'Are you stupid?' look on her face. I smiled innocently. 

 "Are you sleeping over?" I asked with a bored tone. She sighed deeply before responding. 

 "Can't. Mom and dad are going out for the night and I gotta watch Ty." She said, referring to her baby brother Tyler, who is the most adorable baby I have ever seen. "I gotta go Des. Love you. See you at school tomorrow." She said as she got up and hugged. 

 "Bye." I said as she left. 
Well might as well get ready for bed.

 I got my PJs out of my drawer and walked into my bathroom. I turned on the shower and stepped in. I let the water run down my body as I looked down at the scar on my stomach and the burn marks on my arms.

 I felt ashamed as I remembered what had happened to me that I got the scars that are permanently stuck on my stomach and arms. So many bad memories. I shook my head and stepped out of the shower and onto my bathroom rug. 

 I put on my PJs and walked into my room. My stomach growled and I decided to get something to eat. I walked into the kitchen and saw the chef at the oven pulling out a pan of lasagna. 

 "Hey Maria. It smells good." I said and she smiled. 

 "Thanks Destiny."

 Oh. Yea I forgot to mention, I'm rich. My grandfather was extremely rich, and when he died my mother inherited all of his money, but she also works as a doctor. I ate and went to bed. 
*At School The Next Day*

 "Hey Des!" Taylor yelled as I got to my locker. 

 "Hey Tay." I replied with a yawn. The entire day went by in a blur. At lunch I felt a gaze on me and when I looked back I saw that it was none other the Dustin Courtes, one of Aiden's best friends. The 2 classes after lunch went by quickly. Once the final bell rang dismissing the school I ran out of last period. Today was Friday, and we had a week off due to something with the school. I don't know what it is, but I am glad. 

 "Tay are you coming over after school?" 

 "No, my parents are taking me with them on vacay. Sorry Des." She replied walking towards her mom's car and leaving. When I got home, my mom made me go with her to meet the new neighbors. 
*At the Knight's house*

 "Why hello Kim. Would you like to come in?" Mrs. Knight answered the door. My mom nodded as Mrs. Knight led us into the living room. "So Destiny, what school do you go to?" Mrs. Knight asked looking at me and taking a sip of her tea. 

 "Umm Riverside Heights high school." I answered. She was about to reply when the front door swung open and Aiden walked in. His honey brown hair was messy, as always, his leather jacket was wide open so you could see his white shirt underneath, his black Jordan's seemed to be scuffed.

 He went to his mother and kissed her cheek. He finally, realized my presence and I just now noticed his milk chocolate orbs. We must have been staring into each other's eyes for too long, cause my mother had tapped my shoulder causing me to look at her. 

 "Come on Des. Let's go home and get ready for tonight." 

 "Huh? What's tonight?" I asked. 

 "We're coming over for dinner." 
What?! She can't be serious!!

 "O-oh Kay." 
Damn I fuckin stuttered.

 We left and I ran to my room. 
What do I wear? Hopefully Aiden isn't there, but then again, why wouldn't he? It is his house.

 I decided on wearing my black cardigan, black tank-top, black skinny jeans, and to top it off my black converses. 

 I curled the ends of my hair, tied it up into a slight ponytail and left my bangs covering my left eye. 

 My makeup was a smoky eye, little bit of lip gloss and I placed in my contacts. 

 "Destiny let's go!" My mother yelled. I ran down stairs and grabbed my bag from the table. We walked out of the house and I noticed Aiden's bike wasn't in the drive way next door. I relaxed a little and Mrs. Knight greeted us at the door.

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