Dangerously in love

Skarlette Malik was a normal girl. Her life was going great untill the day a mysterious blonde boy shows up to her school. She runs into him and hopes she doesn't see him at all for the rest of the year. She hoped he wasn't in any of her classes, but of course he was in every single class. And in every class he sits right next to her. Of course his locker was right next to hers. Will she be able to get through the school year?


9. Chapter 9


I was holding Skarlette's hand walking down the street to her house when she stopped. "What's wrong?" I asked she looked up at me with sad eyes.

"Can't we go some where's else? I don't really want to go home." She said. I looked her up and down and sighed.

"I guess we could go to my flat....." She smiled and we walked to my flat. I opened my door and we walked in. "It's not that nice, but-" I was cut off by her lips attached to mine. she pulled away and smiled. 
"It's fine" I smiled at her.
~~~~~~~~hours later~~~~~~~~~
"Skarlette.." I sighed. "I think its time you leave. I'll drop by tomorrow." She looked at me. 
"Do I have to?" She pouted. I nodded and groaned. "Can I come over tomorrow?" I looked at her and kissed her forehead.
~~~~~~next morning~~~~~~~~~
I was rudely awoken by an aggressive knocking. I looked at the time and it was only 7 am. I got up and went to my door. I was pushed up against the wall by Skarlette's brother. "Where the fuck is she?!" He yelled in my face. I was confused. 
"My sister! Where is she?!" I looked at him worriedly.
"Isn't she at home?" He shook his head. I pushed him off me and picked up my cell phone. I dialed her number and after two rings someone picked up. "Skarlette-" I was cut off by the person on the other line.
"I knew you'd call lover boy." He laughed. 
"Alfredo don't dare hurt her or I swear-"
"She's fine as long as you bring me what I want." He said and I cringed. "You know where to find me. You have 48 hours to get it to me." He hung up. 
"Alfredo!!!!!" I screamed. I turned toward Zayn and he looked at me. "We need to go somewhere grab my bag and get to the car." I said and he nodded.

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