Dangerously in love

Skarlette Malik was a normal girl. Her life was going great untill the day a mysterious blonde boy shows up to her school. She runs into him and hopes she doesn't see him at all for the rest of the year. She hoped he wasn't in any of her classes, but of course he was in every single class. And in every class he sits right next to her. Of course his locker was right next to hers. Will she be able to get through the school year?


8. Chapter 8


"Horan what the hell are you doing in here? I thought I told you to stay away from my sister?!" I yelled. This little prick doesn't stop does he? I don't want him near my sister. Something about him says he's dangerous and I don't want my sister in danger.

"Look Zayn he came over so we could work on a project for school." Skarlette said. I knew she was lying. She's a very bad liar.

"Uh huh sure. I'm having your classes switched so your not with this prick."


"Nope I'm gonna do it at school Monday." I said she threw a pillow at my head messing up my hair. 

"I fuckin hate you! Get out!" She screamed. 

"Not untill that little prick leaves!" I yelled. Niall climbed out the window. 

"No Niall please don't go. Zayn's just being a jack ass." She said. He just walked. I smiled satisfied with my work. She turned towards me and smacked me across the face. I raised my hand, but put it back down. She backed away. "Get out. NOW!" She screamed. I walked out and she slammed the door. 

Ughh! I blasted Eminem music in my room. I can't believe Zayn! I dialled Niall's number and called him. He didn't pick up. I called 5 more times, then texted still no answers. Did something happen to him on his way home?
Niall's P.O.V

I left Skarlette's house and turned to go home. I walked half way there and came to a dark alley. I turned around, the feeling of someone following me. Zayn was standing there. He shoved me into the alley and beat me up. "Next time you'll listen when I tell you to stay away from my sister won't you?" He punched me in the face a few times before I finally blacked out. 

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Next Day In School~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I walked into first period class a few minutes before the bell rang. I sat down and waited for class to start. When it started, I looked around for Skarlette, but couldn't find her. She came in 10 minutes late. She sat down next to me and I scooted over some. "H- What the hell happened to you?" She whispered. I turned away. "Niall?" I didn't answer and she was silent the rest of class. 


"What did you do to Niall?!" I yelled walking up to Zayn pissed. 

"I taught him a lesson." He said laughing. I smacked him across the face. 

"Don't touch him again!" 

"Stay away from him. He's a little prick!" I smacked him across the face again making it really red. He raised his hand and smacked me across the face. "Sk-" I ran away. I ran to Niall crying.  

"What's wrong Skarlette?" He asked.

"Z-zayn slapped me." He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me close........

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