Dangerously in love

Skarlette Malik was a normal girl. Her life was going great untill the day a mysterious blonde boy shows up to her school. She runs into him and hopes she doesn't see him at all for the rest of the year. She hoped he wasn't in any of her classes, but of course he was in every single class. And in every class he sits right next to her. Of course his locker was right next to hers. Will she be able to get through the school year?


7. Chapter 7

Niall's P.O.V

"Hey Niall, umm.... Well why are you in trouble with some guys? And why are you trying to protect me?" Skarlette asked. Great. What do I respond with? Do I tell her the whole story? Or do I lie again? I knew this question was going to come up some time. Niall you need to tell her the truth, but how? Will the true story make her even more afraid of me? Just tell her and hope for the best. 

"Well, I use to be apart of this gang back in Ireland and I didn't really know what we did when I was in there.  When I found out they were going to rob a bank I took the map and ran. They threatened to kill my family if I didn't give them the map. I left Ireland to get away. My family is protected as long as I'm here, but they found me and if they find out that I love you or that we're friends then they will come after you. I really don't wanna leave you, but I don't want you hurt. That's why I'm here, I need to protect you and I didn't want to get close to you." I looked at her expression and it was blank. I was about to leave when she grabbed my arm. 

"I'm soo sorry. I didn't know. Don't worry I'm not gonna leave you no matter what." I smiled. Could she really be the one? Is she really willing to be with me even though she knows her life will be in danger? Will she be ok if I date her? I hope I'm making the right decision. 

"I really love you. I promise to protect you no matter what." I whispered more to my self than to her really. We were hugging and Zayn opened the door........

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