Dangerously in love

Skarlette Malik was a normal girl. Her life was going great untill the day a mysterious blonde boy shows up to her school. She runs into him and hopes she doesn't see him at all for the rest of the year. She hoped he wasn't in any of her classes, but of course he was in every single class. And in every class he sits right next to her. Of course his locker was right next to hers. Will she be able to get through the school year?


4. Chapter 4

I was furious. That new little prick Niall called my sis ugly. I was walking to Mr. josh's room to deal with the little prick. "Yo Horan you called my sis ugly?" I said walking in. He jumped when he saw me enraged. 
"Look Malik I was trying to protect her. I think she's the most beautiful girl I've ever laid eyes on. I didn't mean to hurt her its just I don't want her hurt....." He said and I punched him in the face.
"Stay away from my sister you little prick. got me?" He nodded and I left back to Skarlette. 
I walked into 6th period class and sat down next to Niall. I looked over at him and noticed his big puffy black eye. I tapped his shoulder and he looked at me. "What?" He said coldly. 
"D-did my brother do that to you?" I asked stuttering. All he did was nod then turned back to the board. I looked down at his paper and noticed a drawing. The drawing had my name written on the side. I smiled and kissed his cheek. He just stared at me. 
"Look skarlette I have a girl friend. I'm sorry.." He said and I looked down.
"I-I'm sorry" I stood up and left the room crying. I went to the bathroom and Rissa followed me. I was grateful to have her as a friend for these times.....

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