I am Death

Following inside the mind of Pen, a seemingly normal teenager who gets the power of telepathy.


1. Beginning

This class is taking forever. I am patiently waiting for the final bell of my last period class which I hate the most, history. I know I am supposed to learn the past mistakes so that I don't repeat them or whatever, but I could seriously care less about that snooze fest. The only thing that makes this class even worth while is the delicious TILF that teaches it. Mrs. Talwell's body is fucking amazing. From her sexy feet in those high heels, to the thick juicy thighs, all the way up the curvy body and to her big ass tits. Man I would do anything to get with her. What makes it even better is that she is the principle's wife.

-The bell rings-

Oops, I need to bring down this boner as quick as possible so I can pack up and get out of here. As I am putting my books in my backpack, Tyler walks up to me. "Yo Pen, want to light up?" Oh how I despise Tyler. I know I shouldn't since he's been my only friend since the 7th grade, but there is so many things about him that grind my gears. For one, he's a total buzz kill, if I ever wanted to get a girlfriend, there's no way in hell I could get one with him lurking around all the time. I know I'm nothing special, but he is just a complete freak. But I guess that doesn't say much about me, considering he is my only friend. "Yeah sure." Whatever, I guess I might as well get high to take my mind off of things.

As we are heading behind Tyler's house into the wilderness, we see smoke in the distance. Tyler seems to be freaking out over it, so I guess I should be alarmed too. Ah well there goes smoking now, there's no way he's going to let us do that with whatever the hell is going on over there. "Should we go check it out?" I ask. "Umm fuck I don't know, what if it's some kind of police thing going on? Last thing I need is to get caught holding, my mom will kill me!" Tyler replies. God damn he is such a fucking pussy. I swear to christ, if it's not one thing it's another. First we can't light up because there's smoke going off, now we can't even check out what it is, seriously this is why Tyler needs to go die in a hole. "Well if you are just going to jerk off in here, I'm going home." I respond as I start to walk away. "Wait no." says Tyler. "What?" I ask. "Fine let's check it out, but the first sign of police and we tail it, you got it?" he says. "Why the fuck would there be police out here anyway?" I ask. "I don't know man there's been some crazy shit going on back here, I bet they are probably investigating that!" he replies. "Like what?" I ask. The way he's talking you'd think there was an organized mafia crime out here. I mean we live in the fucking small town of Millsboro for fuck sake. There is a max population of 4,000. I seriously doubt the Godfather is back there chopping some guy up to pieces. "I don't know man, weird noises and shit." he answers. Well I am not surprised that that is all he has to say. I may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but Tyler isn't even in the fucking shed to begin with. "Ok then I guess I'll find out myself." I say as I begin to sprint towards the smoke. "FUCK WAIT!" he shouts.

At the same time he is saying that, I reach the source of the smoke. I don't know what the fuck I am seeing but it looks like three guys in all black robes and hoods huddled over a fire pit. As soon as they hear Tyler shout, and see me running, they turn around and stare at me. I still can't even see their faces, but as I look behind them to get a better look at the fire pit, I see a dismantled human being burnt inside it. "WHAT THE FUCK!" I scream as I turn around. "RUN TYLER!" I yell as I keep running the other way. "It's too late." I hear coming from one of the hooded men. Then the wilderness turns into complete darkness. I can't see a damn thing. Tyler is nowhere to be found. The hooded men grab me. I feel all three of them holding onto me. "GET THE FUCK OFF ME YOU FUCKING SHITS!" I scream bloody murder as I am tossing and turning to get away from them. I am utterly powerless. I feel them ripping my clothes off my body. Fuck I guess I'm getting raped and then murdered like the guy they were burning. I feel them touching me. One of them is rigorously jerking me off, another is wiping some kind of gooey shit on me, and the last one is cutting my chest open. Well I guess this is it. Only 16 years old can't drive by myself yet, never kissed a girl or had a girlfriend. I never had any big dreams or anything. Now that I think about it, I didn't have any kind of dreams period. It's too late now, oh well. I scream furiously out loud and I feel my eyes bleeding out of their sockets. I have never experienced this kind of pain before, it's not even describable. Perhaps this is hell? No. I'm still alive. I feel them shoving that burnt up dismantled corpse inside me. I can smell the char and feel the limbs and organs all mixing with mine. "FUCKING FUCK FUCK!!!" I can't even.

The guy at the bottom finishes jerking me off and I cum. He takes my cum on his hand and shoves it down my throat. I've never tasted my own semen before, and I can't even tell what it tastes like. I feel them shoving the corpse completely inside me. I feel like I'm about to explode. All three of them pick me up over their heads, and begin to chant a weird ritual. They throw me down. It's weird I don't even feel an impact. Then fire lights up all around me. My body begins to go up in flames. I can feel the intensity of it, but I have no more energy to scream. I pass out or maybe it's my eyeballs burning up. Either way it all goes dark.

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