Swollen Flowers

Lara is a beautiful photographer who has just moved to London, to develop her career. Yet her life is going no where, until she meets Josh, a handsome, smart boy with a passion for music.

Lara takes an instant disliking to Josh due to his mischievous and flirty ways. However, when she faces some problems, Josh springs to the
rescue. Lara begins to notices that he is actually rather a lovely, genuine person at heart.

But, the pressures of Josh's job as a singer leaves him blind to Lara's affections and Lara takes up love to try an distract himself.

Finally, when selfish Eliza Watson, threatens to come between them, Josh has to act fast. But will they ever find the magical love that they deserve?


1. Chapter 1

I always found it easy to love someone, no matter what flaws they had. I never understood why. Maybe it was because I was in love with the idea of someone loving me, or simply just loving the whole aspect of love; I don’t know.
It all started when I was 12. I had grown up being that quiet, ugly girl whom no boy seemed to notice; regarding the fact she was relatively clever. When you were little, you could be the cleverest person, yet all that mattered was being pretty- annoyingly that’s all boys seemed to care about. I never understood why, even to this day; it was never fair to stereotypically judge someone on the way they looked…
But anyhow after years of torment, I ditched the glasses I hated wearing for contacts; amazingly this made me feel more confident with the way I look. I thought that if I wore glasses everyone (well mainly boys) would think of me badly!
Within thinking this way, months later I got my first boyfriend; I was over the moon thinking that someone thought of me as pretty. Considering at the time, we were only just 12, and obviously straight away we thought we were completely in love, and within only a couple of weeks saying stuff like “I love you loads and we are going to be together forever!”… However, the few problems were: we were together for a year (which is a very long time when you’re only 12), yet we hardly talked and it would be awkward when we did talk – so we therefore resorted to texting. Then the other problem was clearly the “I love you, we’ll be together forever”… Really Lara, did you really say that?! It is actually very funny now I look back, although at the same time, everyone has their first well ‘love’, yet that doesn’t mean you love them. As a little teenager, I was just in love with the idea of having a boyfriend and being loved. Once I realised this, life gave me a good strong lesson for the future.
Then again, eventually I did have my first true love. His name was Josh King; and we were 15 years old at the time. We had gone to school together for several years, and as a result were very good friends. And one day, we decided to go out. Obviously at first I thought it would never last, but it did- for 3 years. Josh was that boy who I felt helpless in love with, I was completely and utterly devoted to him, we spent every minute possible together. He meant the world to me, yet because of this, it lead to me forgetting about revision and my good exam results I needed, I spent less time with my closest friends, and I began to drift away from my family slowly…
So when the time did come for us to break up, it was awful….
So that’s why from then onwards I wished to be more careful with who I do and do not love. But I know I can’t do that, I know eventually I won’t be able to do that…

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