Game, Game, Game.

-book two in the internet series- Day in, Day out he plays. Not once losing grip on his all important game. Bang, slash, kill, die. Words said on a daily basis. He falls in love, with these people of pixels. The games start taking over his life. His friendships, forgotten. The game taking over. He better hurry up. He's only on half a heart.


3. School

School is a pain

For this boy of game

No consoles

To support his addiction

His phone handed in

Every morning meaning his thirst is never drenched.

Science they use




That fuels his thirst for more

This pale boy with the raven black hair

His eyes bright and blue

This boy

This boy

He needs to fuel this addiction

He needs to play his game

He needs to be away

Form this

Hell hole

Called School

This poor boy

of only 12

He's only on half a heart


Guess what?

He can't restart.

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