Game, Game, Game.

-book two in the internet series- Day in, Day out he plays. Not once losing grip on his all important game. Bang, slash, kill, die. Words said on a daily basis. He falls in love, with these people of pixels. The games start taking over his life. His friendships, forgotten. The game taking over. He better hurry up. He's only on half a heart.


2. Nights

His nights made up 

Of switching games

Hour after hour.

He'll start at 5

Once he gets back from school

And he will play until 5

The next morning 

Not eating any food.

He has always been skinny

This young boy

But all he is now

Is skin and bones

No fat to be seen

He is a walking skeleton

Barely alive

His parents don't notice

For he's in his room so much

But this young boy we know better hurry up

He's only on half a heart

And sadly

He can't restart.

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