Game, Game, Game.

-book two in the internet series- Day in, Day out he plays. Not once losing grip on his all important game. Bang, slash, kill, die. Words said on a daily basis. He falls in love, with these people of pixels. The games start taking over his life. His friendships, forgotten. The game taking over. He better hurry up. He's only on half a heart.


4. Death

It seems early doesn't it?

For our little gamer to end his game.

But it just shows now.

He wasn't paying attention,

Head down at his console

As he crossed the road

Just fine

Never looking up on his way home.

He gets to his door,

And then stops dead

For it's not his door

He can't go in

He's got the wrong bus

To the other side of town

And now he's dead

The bullet through our poor little gamers head.

What? I hear you say

We never knew his name

Oh Well, Too Late

He's missed his chance

The small little bullet has ended his life

His console still going

Through the dark misty night.

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