Concrete Angel

Emily Hope was a normal, average teenage girl living in London with her dad. She was 17 years old in the twelth grade. She was a very small shy timid girl. She was afraid of everyone and everything. No one knew her in school all they knew was that she was easy to bully. One day her father takes the abuse too far and leaves her bleeding on the floor. Will the pain be too much? Will she be able to be saved?


5. Chapter 5

Five years later, Liam was awoken by five year old Emily. "Daddy can we visit mummy today?" He looked into her blue orbs. 

"First we need to get you dressed and fed." He sighed. They walked to the cemetery and Emily ran to her mothers grave and hugged the tombstone. 

"Mummy! I'm starting preschool soon!" She screamed. Liam walked to the grave and laid down the roses. 

"Hey Emily...... I miss you so much..... Emily Jr. looks a lot like you..... God how much I miss you..." As he said that tears fell. 

"Daddy why are you crying?" Little Emily asked hugging him. He picked her up and hugged her. 

"C'mon Em lets go home." 


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