Concrete Angel

Emily Hope was a normal, average teenage girl living in London with her dad. She was 17 years old in the twelth grade. She was a very small shy timid girl. She was afraid of everyone and everything. No one knew her in school all they knew was that she was easy to bully. One day her father takes the abuse too far and leaves her bleeding on the floor. Will the pain be too much? Will she be able to be saved?


4. Chapter 4

Liam and Emily walked up the steps to the high school. She slipped and fell back into Liam's warm arms. "You're safe with me Em." He whispered in her ear making her smile. They danced and talked all night. Liam walked Emily home then went to his house. 

"This was a night I'll always remember Li." Emily said talking to Liam through the window.


"What are you doing? Did I tell you, you could have friends or a boyfriend?!" Emily's 'Father' Steve yelled walking in drunk. She backed away from the window and Steve grabbed her arm. He slammed her to the floor. Emily screamed out in pain. "Next time you'll listen." He banged Emily's head against the floor. He broke the chair leg off and beat her with it. Liam took out his cell phone and called the police and ambulance. Steve took off leaving Emily on the floor bleeding. The ambulance came and Liam rode with Emily. She was beaten badly. Liam had his head in his hands crying. They pulled up to the hospital and Emily was rushed into the ER. Liam waited in the waiting room crying. Two hours later the nurse came out to Liam with a sad expression on her face. "Mr. Payne... Your friend doesn't have long to live.. I'm very sorry." 

"Can I see her?" The nurse nodded and led Liam to a room. Liam ran to Emily's bed side and Emily opened her eyes slowly. She smiled and Liam began crying. 

"L-liam I need you to do something for me." Liam looked up and nodded. The nurse walked in the room with a pink blanket in her hands. Liam's eyes widened.

"Em... You were.... Pregnant?" She nodded. "Who's the father?" She looked down. "D-did Steve r-rape you?"    

"Yes. Li, I know I don't have long to live, but please promise me you'll keep her?" Liam took the sleeping baby girl in his arms.

"I'll keep and protect her with my life Em.." He said with tears in his eyes.

"Li.... I love you.... Promise me you'll never forget me?"

"I-i could never forget you Em...." Liam said crying. He kissed her and the line went dead. "Em!" He yelled in tears dropping to his knees.

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