Concrete Angel

Emily Hope was a normal, average teenage girl living in London with her dad. She was 17 years old in the twelth grade. She was a very small shy timid girl. She was afraid of everyone and everything. No one knew her in school all they knew was that she was easy to bully. One day her father takes the abuse too far and leaves her bleeding on the floor. Will the pain be too much? Will she be able to be saved?


3. Chapter 3

Emily's been hanging out at Liam's house everyday now. They were now best friends and Liam knew everything about Emily and her terrible life. Emily was falling in love with Liam's best friend Anthony. He was the second number one jock in highschool. The first being Liam. "Hey Em. You ok?" All she could do was nod after the beating from her father last night.

"Hey Emily, so as you know the prom is tomorrow night and I umm..... Well, do you have a date yet?" Anthony came up and Emily shook her head slowly. Anthony grinned. "Do you wanna go with me babe? We'll have a blast." 

"I'd love too!" She yelled, almost screamed. He kissed her cheek and walked away. She gripped her ribs in pain. She let out a low scream. Liam ran to Emily and caught her before she fell. 

"C'mon Em. Lets go to my flat." He picked her up gently. Emily was thrashing in her sleep. She woke up and looked for Liam. She spotted him in the kitchen worried to death, crying with his head in his hands. Emily stood up and quietly to Liam. She hugged him from the back and he turned his head. 

"Li what's wrong?" 

"I-i thought you weren't going to wake up." She let go and smiled. Emily looked at the time and sighed. 

"I have to go home." He shot up and grabbed her hand. 

"I'll walk you home!" She giggled. 

"I live next door." He shrugged and took her home. Once she got in her father yelled and sounds of glass breaking. The next day at school Emily walked with Liam and was met by Anthony. Liam looked at Anthony and he winked at Liam. Liam tensed up. Emily smiled and blushed. 

"Hey babe. Pick you up at six?" She nodded and he kissed her cheek. Liam started to get angry. 

"L-li...." Emily said touching his arm and looking into his eyes. He had a glint of anger in them. She reached up and kissed his cheek. He calmed down and relaxed. The rest of the day was uneventful until last period. Gym. At the end, in the locker room, Liam saw Anthony making out with someone. Liam hid behind the lockers and watched. 

"What are you gonna do with Emily?" The girl asked Anthony. He shook his head, chuckling. 

"I was gonna ditch her anyways." Liam came out of where he was, grabbed the girl and pushed her out of the way.

"How dare you!" He threw punch after punch. 

"Stop you're gonna kill him!" Liam backed away and Anthony grinned. 

"You and Emily deserve each other. You both are ugly, Emily's the ugl-" Liam punched him. Emily was secretly watching. She ran out crying and fell. Liam walked up behind her and hugged her from behind. 

"L-li why are you friends with a worthless girl like me?" 

"You aren't worthless. You're perfect." She turned her head and kissed Liam on the lips. He wrapped his arms around her waist bringing her closer to him. Emily pulled away and smiled. "Em.... Would you like to go to the prom with me?" Liam asked and Emily kissed his lips. 

"Does that answer your question?" He nodded.


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