Concrete Angel

Emily Hope was a normal, average teenage girl living in London with her dad. She was 17 years old in the twelth grade. She was a very small shy timid girl. She was afraid of everyone and everything. No one knew her in school all they knew was that she was easy to bully. One day her father takes the abuse too far and leaves her bleeding on the floor. Will the pain be too much? Will she be able to be saved?


1. Chapter 1

Another night of pain for Emily Hope. Her father came home drunk again and she had school tomorrow. She was used to the abuse by now. Her father started beating her five years ago after her mother died in a car accident and her father blamed her. He took a step towards Emily and slapped her across her face. Her frail body ached with pain, but she would not let herself cry. Her father has been at this for about two hours now. She let out a shriek as he pushed her to the floor as hard he could. "Bitch it's your fault your mother died! The woman I loved and was going to spend the rest of my life with and she died cause you!" He hit her one last time then passed out after screaming and beating Emily for 2 hours straight. She slowly and carefully walked to her room and fell asleep. At school she walked down the hallway and kids stared, laughed and whispered things in other kids ears. Emily didn't  have any friends, but there was this boy who was nice to Emily. He was the popular kid in school and his name was Liam. He's Emily's next door neighbor and Liam has been in love with Emily since the second grade when Emily and her family first moved to London, but too afraid to ask her her out. The other kids just laugh and bully her.

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