You Only Live Once

This isn't a message. This is an inspired story.
Anna tries to survive it, but can't keep it in. She has a boxer boyfriend, but her One Direction ex boyfriend got her to turn the other direction. She can't dissapoint Mason, but her stomache getting bigger and bigger is distracting. The child isn't Mason's, it is Harry Styles'.


10. Chapter 9

Anna's POV

9 months later, Anna had her baby girl at 5:53 PM. The nurse came in with the baby. "Would you like to hold her?" the nurse asked.

"Yes", Anna replied holding her arms out.

Harry came out of the bathroom. His hair was a mess because he woke up an hour before the baby came out. "What's her name?" the nurse asked.

"Raven", Anna answered with the name she and Harry decided while she was in labor.

Harry signed the birth certificate with Raven's now legal name. She looked like Harry. Same nose and mouth shape. As Raven opened her eyes, she noticed the one thing she inherited from her. Her brown eyes. Harry came over to see her. "She looks just like you, Harry", Anna told him.

"She has your eyes though", Harry replied.

"Do you want to hold her?" Anna asked.

"Yes", Harry replied.

Anna was really tired so she fell asleep.

Anna woke up. She sat up and saw Harry sitting in the bed with her and the rest of One direction sitting around the room. "Good sleep?" Harry asked.

"I was awake all night in pain. That was literally the best sleep I have had", Anna replied.

She saw Liam holding Raven, Niall playing his guitar, and Louis and Zayn watching the TV. Harry put his arm around her. Your parents texted you and said they will be here soon. Where do they live its been an hour!" Harry explained.

"Oregon", Anna said.

"Sounds like they won't be here that soon", Harry replied.

Harry kissed Anna. Anna laid her head on his chest as he laid down. "I wanna go home. I am tired of this hospital", Anna complained.

"The nurse said that we might be able to go home tomorrow", Harry told her.

Raven started to cry. Harry got out of the bed and took her from Zayn (Yes they were switching off holding her). He gave her to Anna. She felt like she knew exactly what to do. "Maybe she's hungry...", Anna said.

Harry went out if the room for a few minutes. He came back with a bottle and formula. He gave it to Anna and she fed Raven.

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