You Only Live Once

This isn't a message. This is an inspired story.
Anna tries to survive it, but can't keep it in. She has a boxer boyfriend, but her One Direction ex boyfriend got her to turn the other direction. She can't dissapoint Mason, but her stomache getting bigger and bigger is distracting. The child isn't Mason's, it is Harry Styles'.


8. Chapter 7

Harry's POV

Harry didn't know what to do after Anna left. She had kept him busy when she was here, but now he didn't know what to do. He thought of calling "The Gossiper" (the show he was on two weeks ago and is supposed to be there with Anna on Friday) because he had a plan. "Hello The Gossiper, this is Harry Styles. Anna Carter and I are supposed to be on the show on Friday. I wanted to change plans"

Harry explained everything to the show for his plan. He wanted to get Anna to know how much he wanted her back. He then called the rest of the band to explain what he was planning on the show. "I hope this works with her...", Harry said to himself.

He wrote a song the was sure to blow the crowd away. What anybody would want to listen to over and over. He spent all night writing the song and setting the parts. He put himself in the parts around the end.

(LSShort: Sorry short chapter :P I will make up for it with a longer chapter!)

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