You Only Live Once

This isn't a message. This is an inspired story.
Anna tries to survive it, but can't keep it in. She has a boxer boyfriend, but her One Direction ex boyfriend got her to turn the other direction. She can't dissapoint Mason, but her stomache getting bigger and bigger is distracting. The child isn't Mason's, it is Harry Styles'.


6. Chapter 5

Anna's POV

The next day, Anna wondered where Mason was for awhile until she started to remember. "Right...", she said to herself.

Anna started wondering if she could go to an ultrasound. She started getting ready and went to Planned Parenthood. When she got there, she saw stuffed animals that said, "Press me!" so she squeezed one and it made a heartbeat sound. There was a sign next to it that said, "Put your baby's heartbeat in a baby animal!"

After she got the ultrasound, Anna asked anout the heartbeat in an animals. She couldn't get one yet, but she could come back next month for an ultrasound and get one. They were out of stock because they were amazing so much women.

Anna got home when she noticed a slight baby bump from her pregnancy. She smiled at it and just wanted to stare at it for hours. When turned on the TV, the gossip channel was on. "Harry Styles and his ex girlfriend, Anna Carter are back together? Or is Anna cheating? Anna was dating boxer, Mason Ray when Harry Styles kissed her as we hear from our paparazzi who was behind Niall Horan when he snapped a picture" the reporter said as the screen behind her showed a picture of the kiss, "We are here with Harry now. Harry tell your side of the story"

"Well, Anna was telling me something important and we talked in private, but then we got in a moment and we kissed", Harry explained.

"Do you think Mason knows?" asked the reporter.

"He does. They broke up yesterday because Anna came over and told me", Harry replied.

"Why did she come over?" she asked.

"She knew that I know what makes her feel better and that I always do that and I did", Harry told the reporter.

"Well that's all for today" the reporter said looking at the camera, "and next time we will interview Harry again and hopefully he brings Anna and that we get a real scoop at this story"

The TV turned off. Anna wasn't going to that interview. If she did, she won't tell much. The next day, Anna was at the store getting groceries and a few baby supplies. She was broke so she didn't get much. When she went to a checkout lane, she saw a magazine with her on the cover and the magazine written, "Anna's Pregnancy? Harry Styles' ex girlfriend, Anna Carter looks to have a baby bump!"

"Is that you?" A teenage girl pointed to the picture and asked her.

Anna ignored her. "Hello! IS THAT YOU?" the girl repeated as if she was deaf.

"Yes", Anna answered quickly.

"You're pregnant?" the girl asked.

Anna didn't say anything. She just payed for her items and left.

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