You Only Live Once

This isn't a message. This is an inspired story.
Anna tries to survive it, but can't keep it in. She has a boxer boyfriend, but her One Direction ex boyfriend got her to turn the other direction. She can't dissapoint Mason, but her stomache getting bigger and bigger is distracting. The child isn't Mason's, it is Harry Styles'.


3. Chapter 2

Anna's POV

Anna drove to the concert stadium and walked into the room where One Direction practices performing. They were almost done singing "One Thing". They sounded amazing too. When they finished, Louis gave her a smile and said to Harry, "I think it's time to take a break" and nodded at Anna.

Harry stepped off the stage and grabbed Anna's hand, leading her down the hall to his dressing room. "Have a seat", Harry told Anna as he closed the door behind him.

"What's up?" Harry greeted.

"You know how we....." Anna asked.

"Yes", Harry answered.

"I never did that or anything special with Mason-" "Your boxer boyfriend?" Harry interrupted.

"Yes" Anna replied, "Well I... I... I just found out..... I'm uh-... I'm pregnant"

"What?!" Harry yelled, "You think I'm the dad?"

"Yes", Anna answerd.

"Dammit!", Harry yelled.

"What? You talked me into doing that with you!" Anna yelled.

"Our mistake! Protection from this!" Harry yelled.

Anna walked up to him to stand up to him or make him calm down but they froze, gazing into eachother's eyes. Harry started to grin and then started kissing her. Anna started wrapping her arms around the back of his neck and Harry put his hands on her waist. They got lost in the moment until Niall open the door, "Time to- oh..."

Harry and Anna stopped kissing, then Anna pushed him away. "Uh... bye?" Anna said while leaving, her face as red as a tomato.

"Er- bye", Harry said.

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