You Only Live Once

This isn't a message. This is an inspired story.
Anna tries to survive it, but can't keep it in. She has a boxer boyfriend, but her One Direction ex boyfriend got her to turn the other direction. She can't dissapoint Mason, but her stomache getting bigger and bigger is distracting. The child isn't Mason's, it is Harry Styles'.


2. Chapter 1

Anna's POV

Anna woke up next to her boyfriend, Mason. "Good morning gorgeus", Mason greeted her.

Anna sat up, feeling sick in her stomache. She got up, but felt light headed. "Didn't you hear me?" Mason asked.

"Yes" Anna replied, "but I am just not feeling great today. I got tired just getting up to go to the bathroom because I am feeling sick. Now I want pancakes"

Anna went into the bathroom. She wanted to pee too. She saw her period stopped. She swore she was on her period. She felt the naseau coming up and puked in the toilet. She went downstairs and saw the leftover pancakes in the fridge. She heated them up and ate. "You're acting wierd, are you okay?" Mason asked.

"I am fine. Just a little sick. Weak. That's all", Anna replied.

She cleaned up her plate when she finished eating. "I will go to Walgreens to get some Ibeprofen", Anna told Mason before she went up to get dressed.

Half an hour later, Anna came downstairs. Mason pushed her up against the wall and kissed her, passionately while rubbing himself against her. Anna smiled, "You're cute, Mason"

Anna was at Walgreens looking for Ibeprofen when she came across a pregnancy test. She thought of what she experienced and thought she was maybe pregnant. She grabbed it and went on looking for Ibeprofen just in case she was just sick. When she got home, she went into the bathroom and used the pregnancy test. She waited just a few minutes when the pregnancy test came out positive. "Shiz!" Anna yelled.

"What's wrong?" Mason came running into the bathroom.

"Uh- are you looking for something or are you just a complete perv?" Anna joked.

"I heard you yelling and I wandered what was going on", Mason answered.

She hid the pregnancy test behind her and said, "Oh, that? I just dropped a pill down the sink. Made me mad", Anna lied.

"Okay then", Mason replied and walked away.

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