Protective or Obsessive

Emily's in the war zone. Parents murdered, forbidden of friends and one heck of a protective body guard... Well more like obsessive.

After the tragic, mysterious murder of Emily's parents, her high up, powerful Sergeant of an uncle, assigns Zayn Malik - top soldier of the military - too become her own personal body guard. Facing the troubles of those unnamed that killed her parents and a mysterious new stranger that seams to be linked into a lot of things. Emily is also faced with the unfortunate, difficult task of trying not too fall for this hot, well build body guard of hers.


7. More like obsessive

*1 Month later*

"Uncle please" I beg dropping my head into my hands, this has to stop.

"Its been thirty freaking days, believe me, I've been counting" I roll my eyes, "and I'm starting collage next week, how am I meant to start a new life with him following me around everywhere and I mean everywhere" I sulk pleading for some kind of understanding. Zayn wont let me freaking leave for a bathroom break without him integrating me first, its ridiculous!

"Emily, how many times must I tell you, its for-"

"for my own good, yes I know this but I don't understand it" I mutter slouching into the wooden chair allowing my arms to hang from either side of me. A month, a full month hes been living with me and ok I'll give him his due, sometimes he's alright when theres no one else around to talk to but the following business is insanity. He's obsessed with me, I swear. In order to protect me, apparently knowing all the ins and outs of my life is crucial. Screw him!

Not to mention he's also rude, ignorant, blunt and damn impolite!

"Emily if you have come to request that I relieve Mr Malik of his duties then you are wasting you time" he sneers perfecting a frame that hangs on his wall. Its a painting of a ship wreck. A great storm with crashing waves that had torn the wooden ship in half, survivors watching on a small paddling boat that rode the waves. Too sum it up in one word, its a disaster. Or a catastrophe or a unfortunate event or a horrific moment,  or an unlikely experience, or a mishap, or a devastation, or a tragedy, hell even a fiasco! ITS BAD OK. And its completely and utterly significant to what we're speaking of now.

"This is obscure!" I suddenly burst out standing from my seat in a hurry,

"its unfair and not right, uncle how much longer must I suffer this" I raise my voice ever so slightly to imply that I do in fact hate this.

"Its two weeks until collage, what happens then, will he be following me around then" I snap annoyed.


"I just had to ask" I mutter bitterly slamming my locker closed.

"Stop wining" Zayn rolls his eyes leaning against the locker next to mine, arms folded and a cocky smile sticking to his gorgeous but stupid face.

"Shut up" I snap, two weeks ago I sat in my uncles office complaining about Zayn and I so happened to of mentioned an idea for when I go to collage and my uncle clearly saw my intelligence. Ass!

"Feisty" he chuckles shaking his head. See! There is no way in living hell, he is an actual soldier, he's a cocky, stuck up teenager NOT a solider! I refuse to believe it. He's too immature.

My uncle has informed the collage about the current situations and has explained that Zayn is to be in every single one of my classes... lucky me. But to everyone else, he's a normal student. My uncle made it quite clear that know one is to know about Zayn's actual duties, doubt that's going to work out when he's following me around all the freaking time. That's the only thing that reminds me he's an actual soldier, he takes his duties extremely seriously.

I turn to him with an unimpressed look and roll my eyes, he chuckles picking my bag from the floor and offers it to me. I snatch it from his hands with a glare and roll my eyes as he simply smirks. I let out a sigh allowing my back to rest against my locker. My eyes gaze across all the different people, some rushing to get to lessons, others simply laughing with there friends. It makes me think back to home, back to my friends and my old house and my old life. I miss it...

I push the though from my head and continue to gaze upon everyone until my eyes land on a few girls opposite us, on the other side of the courtyard, there looking our way but not at me. There eyes are glued to Zayn as they giggle uncontrollably, no doubt whispering and snickering about his good looks. This had been happening all day. Talk of the new guy and his charming smile. Girls were practically already putty in his hand. Not that I can blame them, he dose have the looks of an angel. I let out a sigh and turn to him.

"Will you leave me in peace for at least five minutes" I beg already knowing the answer.

"Not a chance" he smiles. Stupid cocky smile.

"Why" I wine rolling my eyes, "cant you go flirt with some girl or something, I'm sure they would be thrilled" I roll my eyes once again.

He gives me a confused look which only makes me roll my eyes a third time, Jesus!

"Your oblivion to what's surrounding you, you know that right" I ask raising an eye brow.

"That's because my eyes stay on you" he smiles with his ridiculously, perfect, straight teeth. This would be such an adorable scene in a movie... except this is not a movie and its not adorable, nope its just a ridiculously protective body guard... well more like obsessive!







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