Protective or Obsessive

Emily's in the war zone. Parents murdered, forbidden of friends and one heck of a protective body guard... Well more like obsessive.

After the tragic, mysterious murder of Emily's parents, her high up, powerful Sergeant of an uncle, assigns Zayn Malik - top soldier of the military - too become her own personal body guard. Facing the troubles of those unnamed that killed her parents and a mysterious new stranger that seams to be linked into a lot of things. Emily is also faced with the unfortunate, difficult task of trying not too fall for this hot, well build body guard of hers.


1. Just a few months ago

"EMILY RUN!" Her screams echo the room like we're in a cave but we're not.

"Mum" I cry shaking my head, the tears flood my face like a water fall but all I can do is stand there, perfectly still watching the traumatizing scene take place. This time I cant run, even if I wanted too. My feet are glued to the floor and my legs are going numb loosing life, extremely quickly.

"GO!" She screams followed by a pitch full yelp,

"Mum NO!" I choke on my own words as I desperately try to move my legs, I cant! I cant! I cant!

"Mum please" I beg and that's when my knees go weak giving up on themselves, my body cradles itself as I curl up into a small ball and cry. My hands scratch at my ears as if Im trying to tear them off. Anything too get rid of the screams, anything...


"Emily!" he snaps slamming his fist down onto the desk in front of me to catch my attention. It dose.

"What? Oh sorry Uncle" I mutter looking down at my twitching hands, I hear him sigh and glance up, he runs one of his hands through his freshly cropped hair and shakes his head.

"You're parents funeral is in less than a week, will you pull yourself together already" he grumbles, I flinch at the harsh words and squeeze my eyes shut allowing my teeth to gently bite into my lower lip. I hear Mrs Liken cough loudly as she gives my Uncle a hard stare.

"A word outside please Sergeant, sir" she demands but its implied as a question, he lets out a grunt before standing up from the seat behind his desk and follows Mrs Liken out of the two big, wooden, carved doors. I finally let out a loud and relaxing breath as I sink into my seat a little more, something I wouldn't dare do in front of the Sergeant. I glance around my Uncle's office taking in each and every single detail about it. The darkened red carpet held a collection of mustard coloured different patterns, matching the red, near enough brown walls that held several brown diamond patterns here and there. Shelves were over packed with old books covering historical content from the eighteen hundreds all the way to now. The little amount of furniture which included his desk and chair, the chair I'm sitting on right now and a sofa at the back of the large, empty room were all antics. In fact the only thing modern in this room right now, is me. My eyes shift from the stack of papers too the small frame on his desk which held a picture of him and my dad when my uncle finally had a day off and before my dad was dead. It was the last time I had seen my uncle smile and that was all to long ago. My attention turns to the door as I can just about hear what my Uncle and Mrs Liken are saying.

"Sir, if you don't mind me saying so, you could be a little... Softer with the subject, the poor girls only just lost her parents a few months ago, she's handling it a lot better than we thought but that doesn't mean we should treat her any differently. You're the last bit of family she has but as you know, you cant take responsibility for her due to your reasonability's as a sergeant" Mrs Liken eases into the subject trying to look out for me but at the same time trying to keep her job.

"I am a wear of that Mrs Liken but if she is going to be living on her own by next week and I need to make sure she is capable of that, now I am sure you wouldn't question me as a Sergeant so I suggest you do not question me as this girls new career" he informs her and even know I cant see it, I'm almost curtain he's giving her one of those 'don't push it' stares he has.

"But-" before Mrs Liken can even respond, the large doors swing open with force and my uncle marches back in. He doesn't sit this time. 

"Now Emily, I understand I am being a little unreasonable-" he pauses glancing to Mrs Liken taking in her words. "But I am simply doing what's best for you, I wont be able to check up on you frequently and now that your eighteen, I expect you will be fine living on your own" he continues nodding along to his own words as if he's reassuring himself more than me.

"I will send former soldiers of mine to check up on you every few weeks considering we are still unaware of who murdered your parents and why and if they intended for you too be dead also" I flinch again. I hate how morbid he is with everything. As if my parents death don't affect me at all. I also notice Mrs Liken close her eyes as if she's mentally face palming herself for my uncles unneeded and reckless words. She cares far too much for me.

"I will try my best to visit as often as possible but I cant keep any promises" he continues, ouch. Nice to know he cares so much. I nod and stand from the uncomfortable chair ready to leave. I spin on my heels and begin to walk to the door until I'm stopped.

"And one last thing" he mutters as if he's dreading this last thing. I turn my head to face him but not my body, "I have some work related issues that need to be taken care of on the day of the funeral, my apologies if I'm a little late or..." he trails off not wanting to finish the sentence. That's what pushes me over the edge.

"What!" my entire body spins to face him now, "first you tell me that right after my parents death when I need someone most that I shall be living on my own without anyone, then you remind me of the thing I'm trying to forget and now you tell me you might not even come to their funeral!" I raise my voice feeling my lungs empty of oxygen. I was loosing breath extremely quickly.

"Do not raise your voice at me Emily" he says in a strict tone narrowing his eyes at me.

"I think I have every right to RAISE my voice at you" I exaggerate feeling my lungs begin to burn, I'm breathing increasingly heavy.

"Emily, deer" Mrs Liken steps in seeing how over whelming this is becoming for me. I feel the tears once again prickle my eyes and with one last hard stare, I spin around and run out of the room, with Mrs Liken running after me. 

"Emily!" she says panicked and once I'm out of that dreadful place, I finally fall to the ground, onto the dirt.

"Emily, my deer" she panic's seeing me, it was getting harder and harder to breath, I was now panting quite frantically like a dog. She quickly takes my bag from my shoulder fiddling through it until she finds my inhaler and quickly passes it over. I place the tube in my mouth and press down on the small tin of oxygen. I take several inhales before my breathing rate finally settles on normal. I let out a shaky breath and Mrs Liken quickly sits on the mud next to me ruining the suite she wore, but not seaming to care; and pulls me into her arms. I ignore the stares of the hundreds of men around us in uniforms doing their daily jobs and routines on the camp site and just place my head on Mrs Liken's shoulder breathing in through my mouth and out through my noise. I never used to need an inhaler, it was only after my parents were killed. I would cry and choke up so much, I wouldn't be able to breath. I sigh finally feeling the tears stop and my heart beat go back to normal. I pull back from Mrs Liken's shoulder and smile lightly at her as we both stand.

"Are you ok darling" she smiles, I let out a heavy breath before nodding,

"yeah thanks" I nod and she nods back,

"well, I must go, will you be alright heading back to the house on your own" she smiles sweetly and I nod. She places a gentle kiss on my forehead before wiping the mud from her knees and walking back into the building where my uncles office sat. Mrs Liken was my uncles 'informer' as he liked to put it, nope, shes basically his assistant but she has a heart of gold and considering my uncle isn't the... Lightest of people, she's always there for me. I appreciate it a lot.

I sigh before glaring at the soldiers that were starring at me and begin to walk to the exit of the camp site, at the moment I stayed at my uncles house which is literally right outside the camp site and because its right outside the camp site, its apparently 'dangerous'. So I am being forced to go and live on my own half way across the country! Where 'nobody' will find me. I was there that day, if whoever killed my parents wants me dead, they would have done it that day, I ran. But it was easy to fire a bullet at me. I've had to leave all my friends behind in London as well, I left without even getting the chance to say goodbye. That's another thing, I'm not aloud to have friends. I'm an eighteen year old girl who has been forbidden of having any friends, its clear that my uncle has never had kids before. I sigh once more, reaching the exit of the camp site and the entrance to my uncles house. I cant wait to get away anyway. My uncles house is just the same as his office. All antics and lavender and colours that shouldn't go together. Its all too... Old. I reach the front door and am helplessly searching for my keys but suddenly the door opens.

I look up surprised to see a strangers face. It's a guy, not looking to much older than me. He has jet black hair styled up into a perfected quiff, the most memorising chocolate brown eyes and a jaw line sharp and flexed. He was broad and muscular, his muscles pressing against the thin material of his army green t-shirt that he wore. His large and long legs fit into a pair of camouflage baggy trousers and big black boots sat on top of his feet. He was beyond gorgeous. Seeing the military badge on the right hand side of his trousers, I could tell he worked for my uncle but why exactly was he in his house. If my uncle had a meeting or needed to speak with a soldier or someone, he always strictly informed them too come to his office, not to his house.

"Em... Hey" I say looking up into his gorgeous eyes, he doesn't reply. He just seams too study me then blatantly walk past. Rude!

"Em, excuse me" I say following him with my eyes as he walks up the small path and towards the camp site.

"Hey!" I say a little louder. He continues to ignore me, I scoff and walk through the door that was left open, jerk! Ignoring that little incidence, I check for anymore random, non-talking soldiers that could be wondering the large house before heading up to my room. It's perfectly horrid. Considering I was just dumped in here after what happened to my parents and also the fact of I will be leaving soon for my own place. My uncle wouldn't let me unpack any of my things or make the room a little more... Me. Its, of course, full of antics, the walls are painted a cream colour with brown beams and the floor is made up of old, dark brown, oak floor boards. The lighting is an old nineteen hundreds lamp and there's only the bed, which constructs of a wooden frame and the most uncomfortable mattress and there's also a desk in the corner which I'm not aloud to go near because it's got all my uncles paperwork on and an antic vase that is 'priceless'... Sure.

I drop onto my bed and pull my phone from my pocket sighing as I click onto contacts and see the blank list. My uncle made it perfectly clear, I wasn't aloud to contact anyone but him. But of course, him being him, decides to make that statement permanent. All devices of mine were wiped clean of contacts, old photo's, past conversations, everything. As my uncle likes to put it, until my parents murderers are found and I am reassured safety, I may as well be a completely new person because until they are found. My old life is history, history that cant be found in any type of book. Sighing once more, I drop my phone and grab my small, hand luggage suitcase, I open it up and search through it until I find the book I have been reading. I take it out and do up my suitcase again, then lay back down on my bed and begin to read from where I last left off.

Time flies by and the next time I look to my clock, its eight o'clock, I had been reading for three hours! I put the addictive book down and stand to my feet, heading down stairs for something to eat. My uncle finishes his duties at eleven o'clock at night and starts them, bright and early at five or six o'clock; depending on what he must do that day- so he wont be home any time soon. I much on a few random snacks and groan feeling the caving's for ordering pizza. Firstly, the camp site is in the middle of no where, no one would be able to find it, nor drive a good two or three hours drive to get here and secondly, the camp site's location is actually anonymous. It's a restricted area and no one is aloud here nor aloud to know about its where about's unless they are either a soldier or something to do with working here and of course all the government and that. I am most definitely not aloud to be here but under the circumstances at this moment, my uncle managed to make an exception. Basically, I cant order pizza.

I sigh for the hundredth time today and lounge on the sofa moaning and groaning for God knows what reason, I watch a bit of telly off the small, crappy, areal TV and at half past nine, I head up to bed feeling tiredness drown me. Three more days. Until my parents funeral. Just three days. How am I meant to get through this. Whilst my head lays on the rough and old pillow, I allow a tear to slip past my eye, rolling down my cheek. I kept all my pain bundled up inside of me half the time. It was only at certain moments when it all became too much and everything inside of me just explodes, a little like what happened in my uncles office. I had a feeling the day of the funeral, a lot and a lot of that pain will begin to explode and I am completely dreading it. I'm scared.




Hi x

So this is my new story and its a bit different from any of my others, I guess, I duno... But anyway I hope you like the beginning. Please tell me what you think of the start, Comment, like and fav for me please beautiful's, thanks xx



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