Protective or Obsessive

Emily's in the war zone. Parents murdered, forbidden of friends and one heck of a protective body guard... Well more like obsessive.

After the tragic, mysterious murder of Emily's parents, her high up, powerful Sergeant of an uncle, assigns Zayn Malik - top soldier of the military - too become her own personal body guard. Facing the troubles of those unnamed that killed her parents and a mysterious new stranger that seams to be linked into a lot of things. Emily is also faced with the unfortunate, difficult task of trying not too fall for this hot, well build body guard of hers.


4. Body guard

"And how's everything going down there" my uncle asks through the phone.

"Fine" I mumble bored. And here we have my uncles regular little check ups. I hate them. It's basically an hour of him telling me the same thing over and over again. Blah blah blah, stay safe, blah blah blah, call me if anything happens, blah blah blah BLAH. Boring stuff.

"Anything unusual happened at all" he questions,

"Nope" I mumble popping the p. SO BORED. He lets out a heavy sigh and I can even imagine what he's doing right now. His middle finger and thumb would be pinching the bridge of his nose and he would be shaking his head whilst leaning on his desk thinking how he could have such a disaster of a niece. Nice. Isn't he.

"Emily I'm not quite sure your taking me seriously" he grunts putting his Sargent voice on.

"I am, I am" oh very convincing Emily, for Gods sake. I sound like a squirrel God damn it.

"Very well, I might call tomorrow depending on if my soldiers finish up in time, goodbye Emily" he tells me, whatever!

"Okay" I mumble back and soon enough the phone goes dead. I sigh putting it down and stretch my legs out across the sofa. I hate Bradford. There's NOTHING to do. I'm going to see some shitty movie with Josh later - not as a date or anything, just as friends - after that, back to boredom. I sigh a little and head up to my room. The house itself isn't too bad... A little small. The kitchen was a joint room with the lounge which was fairly big and the door on the right hand side lead to a small hall that lead to the stairs to go upstairs and a small bathroom at the end. Upstairs, there was another bathroom, my room which was quite big and a spare room except I like to call it 'junk room'. I just throw anything I don't want in my room or don't know what to do with in there. There's no bed or anything.

Reaching my room I take the book I'm reading from my desk and sit down on the small sofa in my room. As I always say, reading makes time fly. Just as I'm about to begin to read I hear a knock down stairs. Why! I groan loudly and drag myself out of my room and down the stairs.

"Yes" I groan opening the door. You've got to be kidding me! Again! There's no one at the door. I swear to God if I find out who keeps doing this, there in trouble. I roll my eyes and slam the door closed. That's it, if someone knocks on that door once more and it hadn't been an hour and it's not Josh, I'm not answering! I climb the stairs once more and am soon plonked on the sofa reading away.

By the time the clock strikes 12 o'clock, Josh is knocking on my door. Shit I lost track of time. I suppose it dosent matter, I'm already dressed and ready, just need my shoes. Grabbing a pair of vans, I quickly slip them on, grab some cash and my phone and head down stairs. My uncle pays for everything. My house, my bills and l course pocket money but as soon as I manage to get a decent job, he said he'll stop considering I need to learn the way of life. Stupid. I greet Josh by the door and soon enough we are in his car and on the way... Yeah I'm nearly eighteen and I can't drive, I know, I know shut up!


The more ends at half two and I'm exhausted, yes! It's exhausting to sit and watch a boring movie!

"That was such a bad movie" Josh laughs,

"Yeah" I roll my eyes,

"Well I promise out next date will be better" he smiles. Wait... DATE! Where the hell has this come from. No, no, no, no, no! Please Josh, you're my only friend here don't make me reject you and let things become awkward here.

"Date" I cringe and his happy smile begins to disappear.

"Em... Well... Yeah - I thought we em..." He trips over his words not sure how to respond. Josh is gorgeous but to be honest in the few weeks I've known him, I've moved past the whole, 'he's gorgeous, omg omg omg, I want him to ask me out' stage. I now see him as a close friend. That's it.

"Josh" I sigh not sure how to say this, I open my mouth to speak again but he beats me too it.

"I know, I'm sorry I shouldn't of said that, it wasn't a date" he quickly says his cheeks flushing from embarrassment.

"No don't apologise, it's fine, I just don't... See you in that way" I say awkwardly as we reach the car. He smiles but it dosent reach his eyes. Well done Emily! We clime into the car and except the radio which plays softly in the back ground, it's silent between us. I sigh looking out of the window as rain whims to drizzle. The only friend I make and it's now forever going to be awkward between us... Great. By the time we get home, Josh dosent even bother to come in... What have I done.

"Bye" I call from across the fence as I reach my door, he silently nods noting saying a word and soon enough disappears into his house. Congrats Emily! You couldn't of just agreed to a date then hint that you weren't interested. But no. Instead you had to completely humiliate and ruin the boy. Yay me...

I sigh heavily and go to press my keys into the lock but the doors already open. I frown pushing it wider and take a step in.

"Hello!" I call, no answer. This happens to me way to often. Crap! I probably left it open when I came out. Oh well. I continue into the living room but immediately stop gasping.


No way.

My eyes bulge from their sockets as I stare at the reck of my home. Someone's broke in and destroyed the place!


"No! It's not that big or a deal" I argue back folding my arms.

"Emily!" My uncle snaps not seaming to happy with me.

"This is a very big deal! Someone's broken into your house but hasn't taken anything meaning it's a warning! You're moving whether you like it not" he snaps.

"I am not moving, I've just about got used to this place, you can't make me!" I say acting like a stubborn little kid. That's all I am to be honest.

"Emily this is not negational, you're are mo-"

"Sargent sir" one of his soldiers interrupts. He's tall, buff and looks around in his thirties.

"What" my uncle says turning to him irritatedly. We stand in the middle of my lounge whilst several of my uncles soldiers and other people, which I have to clue who they are, search the house for any sign of a 'threat'. My uncle says it wasn't a burglary, considering nothing has been stollen and the only other case is someone's trying to scare me or whatever. He thinks way to into little things.

"Sorry sir but we..." He glances to me then back to my uncle.

"Continue she may here" my uncle responds, agh! Stop treating me like I'm not here!

"We found a note sir, kitchen, on the counter" he tells us. I frown and watch as he unfolds a piece of paper which I hadn't notice he held before. He hands it to my uncle without allowing me to see. I frown seeing as my uncles expression turns sour and suddenly his motionless face turns into an extremely panicked an worried face.

"What is it" I ask frowning trying to take a peek at the note. My uncle sighs and hands me the note. In a scruffy, rushed font reads:

'Business isn't over yet Carrillo'

I look up to my uncle and frown, what the hell dose that mean.

"What?" I ask confused but both him and the soldier simply turn around at that moment and walk away leaving me puzzle and alone with my thoughts.


I sit bored on my couch watching as the soldiers and all the people in my house move things around and mutter word to each other. It had been an hour since my uncle left me without another word.

"Emily" he finally calls, oh nice to know he still knows I exists. I let out a groan and stand walking into the hall. I'm quite surprised when I see a familiar face. It's the soldier that kept coming and going out of my uncles house when ever he pleased without saying a word. He seamed to be getting better looking each and every time I saw him. As much as he seams a dick, he is beyond gorgeous and I wouldn't dare say he's not.

"Oh you again" I roll my eyes, second time I've said that! My uncle gives me a strange look and glances at me then shifts his eyes back to the guy. A smirk seamed to unravel across the guys face and he winks once my uncle isn't looking. It only makes me roll my eyes once more but inside I was blushing madly. He's gorgeous, I can't help it.

"You've met him before" my uncle says raising an eye brow.

"Well - if you call welcoming himself in and out of your house without saying a word to me - then yes, I've met him before" I remark, sarcasm spitting towards him.

"Emily show some respect!" My uncle demands. I mentally roll my eyes but smile anyway.

"Sorry" I mutter, don't upset the Sargent Emily, that's never a good idea. My uncle lets out a heavy sigh then gestures to the guy smiling bitterly. Something tells me I won't like the next thing he says.

"This is Zayn Malik, top solider of the military and armed forces and also from now on, your own personal body guard" he says, a pleased smile forming on my uncles lips. Slowly my mouth drops as I process his words and it all comes crashing down in one go.

"He's my WHAT?!"


I'm on holiday at moment and there's really bad wifi so sorry I didn't update for a while x

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