Protective or Obsessive

Emily's in the war zone. Parents murdered, forbidden of friends and one heck of a protective body guard... Well more like obsessive.

After the tragic, mysterious murder of Emily's parents, her high up, powerful Sergeant of an uncle, assigns Zayn Malik - top soldier of the military - too become her own personal body guard. Facing the troubles of those unnamed that killed her parents and a mysterious new stranger that seams to be linked into a lot of things. Emily is also faced with the unfortunate, difficult task of trying not too fall for this hot, well build body guard of hers.


9. Blondie

We're leading just about into the second month and at times I feel like shooting myself in the head... But at other times, I must admit he's not that bad.

"Agh I hate school" he groans as we walk back from yet another boring day,

"you didn't even have to go to school" I roll my eyes remembering a previous conversation we had once had.

"So, you didn't have too go to a private military base" he rolls his life, I simply shrug giving him the benefit of the doubt, it must have been hard at only 16 years old and already being trained for battle. Its only roughly another ten minute walk back home and right now we were making our way through the high streets. I'm just about to speak up again but am suddenly barged to the left into a close by ally way, I stumble forward and almost land flat on my face but Zayns arms scoop around me before I can. I'm backed up against the wall and am just about to scream at him for knocking me flying but his hand flys to my mouth covering it.

"Theres a guy that's been following us since Friday, I wasn't sure of it but now Im certain" he mutters in a very low and stern voice. My eyes immediately flicker to the streets but Zayn shakes his head.

"He's too far back at the moment, keeping his distance but judging by the sudden change of our daily route, hes running right now to catch up, we have less that a minute" he informs me, I'm way to stunned to take in any of that.

"He might not have been-"

"I want you to shove me back out onto the streets laughing as if we're two typical teenagers mucking about, got it" he insists, I'm too speechless to talk, instead I simply nod and after the count of three, I give Zayn a slight shove and he dramatically stumbles back like I had shoved him hard. I let out a deep breath and look to Zayn and as soon as I see a smile form his face, I pull one on myself and walk out laughing. I don't turn to look for the guy as I do, but I do see someone out of the corner of my eye only a few metres away suddenly stop, out of breath, clearly due to the fact he had been running. I only catch a glimpse for less than a second so no features register in my mind but I do remember blonde hair.

"Idiot" Zayn continues to act whilst simply throwing an arm over my shoulder, he dose it as a mere act of friendship to the eye of anyone else but I know its merely to keep me close and safe. I let out a nervous laugh and we continue our walk,

"Don't rush" he murmurs quietly, I barely hear him, I hadn't realised my pace had quickened in a matter of seconds. "We're going to head into that bar across the street" he mumbles, "he wont follow us into there". I simply nod sucking a breath and quickly cross the street with Zayn, I practically bounce up the few steps that led to the door. I take one last look at the guy before stepping into the bar to see him suddenly pull out his phone and dial someones number and then I'm pushed into the pub before I can do another thing.

Zayn rushes us to a far table in the back where he leads me to a chair forcing me to sit quickly, he scrapes a chair opposite us next to me and quickly takes a seat himself, keeping his eyes glued to the door for several minutes before letting out a heavy sigh,

"He's not coming anywhere near in here" he mutters more to himself than me. I stare at him slightly alarmed and suddenly questions burst from my lungs.

"Who was that, Do you know him, How long has he been following us, What dose he want?" Zayn shut me up with a simple hard stare then let out a heavy breath as if he was about to explain something to a five year old.

"No I don't know who he is or anything about him except he's been on our trail too and from school each day, I wasn't sure at first, I first noticed him on Friday but thought nothing of it, seeing him a second time on Wednesday got my suspicions up but today was the final strike, hes clever and hides himself well...trained" He tells me but the last part of the sentence, he seams to be telling himself for than anything. My mouth falls slightly a gap and Im not really sure what to do. Heck, what to think!

"What do we do?" I finally speak taking a second glance towards the door,

"wait here for a little while, I'll check if hes still out there and if he is, we find a back way out" he mutters in a low voice leery of anyone around us. I simply nod unaware of what we're supposed to do whilst we're here.

Ten minutes pass and Zayn stands from his seat causing me to jump sitting up straight from my crouched position. I watched as he swipes a pack of cigarettes from a table, where the guy who they belonged too was way to interested in the football that played on the tv to notice. I wonder for a moment if hes even aloud to do that, I know hes top soldier and all, blah blah blah but technically that's stealing. I'm confused to why he takes them anyway. He walks to the exit walking out and suddenly I freak out a little, where the hell is he going?! In less that a moment though, hes already hurrying back in.

"Get up, we need to go now" he snaps pulling my chair back for me, I stand quickly not even bothering to ask why, he grabs my hand and in a matter of seconds we're already out the back door which leads into yet another ally. Great...

"What happened?" I ask now, too curious not too.

"Just come on, we need-" hes cut off by the sound of a door swinging open and crashing in a wall, both of us snap our heads back to see a guy... with blonde hair, shit!

"Hey!" he growls,

"Emily come on, RUN!" Zayn shouts and suddenly we're racing down the wide path as fast as we can go whilst blondie shouts running after us. Fear and panic takes over me and I almost drop to the ground to scared to move but Zayn assures that I don't, basically dragging me as he runs, being faster than I am. Shit! I can't believe I'm saying this but thank you uncle for being the stuck up, overprotective uncle you are and giving me a bodyguard!


You all hate me I know :(

I haven't updated since christmas and when authors of fanfics I like take a month to update I go I am ready for the speeches of anger. But...I also get really excited so I hope you all are too. Anyway here you go, I will and I repeat I WILL update soon! Hope you like this, get those likes up please and comment whatever :)

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