forever and always ~niall horan~

Erica is a american girl that moved because of her dad what happens when she meets Harry,Niall,Louis,Liam,and Zayn will she soon fall for Niall or have a romance with another boy


1. the new begging

                                                                        ERICA IS AMERICAN 

                                                                       ERICA"S  NEW HOUSE

                                                                           ERICA's p.o.v

       '                                mom were are my boxes that have my clothes in the" i asked my mom

                           'there outside honey in the car' she said back to me. I was walking to the car to get my clothes                                                                                                           when i see this  

     hot guy jogging as i was staring at him I ran into the car and there were boxes on the car so they all fell on top of me the ran over to me and helped me up 

'Thanks ' i said 

you're welcome i see you had a little moment when you zoned out 'he said 

'Yeah sorry about that '

"By they way i'm Harry styles and you are?"

'HI nice to meet you harry i'm Erica Sophia Payne'

Well hello Erica i have a mate his name is Liam Payne too i see you don't have a accent were are you from?'

"i'm from Florida '

'OK so what school you going to"

'I'm going to (s/n) high school you'

'I go there when do you start '


'Cool do you have i ride i can talk you show you around you can meet my friends'

'Yeah sure why not'

"okay i will pick you up around 8:00 so i can show you around some"

" Okay well i better get inside before my mom has a heart at take bye harry see you in the morning'

"Bye Erica'

with that we both left i wonder what it will be like tomorrow 

"Erica who was that i saw you talking to " my mom said 

"oh that Harry hes going to take me to school tomorrow  and show me around "

"oh okay '









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