forever and always ~niall horan~

Erica is a american girl that moved because of her dad what happens when she meets Harry,Niall,Louis,Liam,and Zayn will she soon fall for Niall or have a romance with another boy


3. school and new friends

                                                                                ( 5sos will be in here)

                                                                                      Erica p.o.v

                               'RING RING RING RING ' i heard my alarm go off  'uuugggggggg'

                    i got up and went to my closet  and got out a pink shirt with i with and black crop top 

                         ' knock knock ' "mom i got it it's just harry" ok have  a nice first day at school"

                                                                 'okay bye mom love you'  

                                                                 ' Hey harry how are you '        

                                                                 'I'm great how about you'

                               'i'm fantastic anyway way don't we go to school so we aren't  late'

                                                                             yeah lets go  

                                                                   (time skip at school)

                              'okay this is your new school lets go to the office so we can get you schedule ' 

                                                                  'okay were is the office'     

                                                                             'this way'

                              when we got to the office i found out i had all the same classes as him besides two but

                             his friend Niall had the so i was not that worried we had math first so we went on are way when 

                            this boy came out of nowhere yelling superman and hazza  when he saw harry he jumped on him 

                           making him fall back 'haz i missed you give a kiss' and kissed harry 

                           he kissed back and pooled away " well hello to you too BooBear '

                         'oh yeah Erica this is my boyfriend Louis , Louis this is Erica she just moved her from Florida

                                                                       'hi ' i said not shy at all 

                        'well hello Erica why don't you  come to class with use before were late '

                      he said as him and harry held hands 

                         as we entered the room everyone looked at me then continued there conversations 

                    'hey Erica over here " i heard harry call after me as i was walking over i saw this blond boy with the        

                      most beautiful eyes i have ever seen 

                       ' Hi Erica i'm Liam this is Zayn Louis and Niall seems like you meet harry "

                                                     "HI ,Liam ,Zayn. Louis. and Niall' I said with a smile and a little blush

                                                   then I saw Niall and he was blushing 

                                  "HELLO CLASS TAKE YOUR SEATS ' the teacher yelled as she walked in the room

                                  'it seems we have a new student here with us today ' she said again 

                                     'well i'm ms.kid i see you took you seat by Harry and Louis '.

                                                       'Yea hello Ms.kid"   i said in a firm voice

                                        i didn't really pay much attention in this class  was i did notice is Niall starting

                                                                                    at me 


                                                                           time skip at lunch      

                          '  hey Erica ' i heard Harry calling for me to sit at there table there was a girl there to she had purple 

                                            hair 'Erica this is my girl friend Perrie,Perrie this is Erica "

                                                                'Hi Perrie im Erica payne '

                               'Are you Liams sister?' she asked 'No we just have the same last name '

                                                                'Oh i'm sorry' 'It's okay'

                     When i look at the boys i see liam text and smiling at his phone Harry and Louis giggling and Zayn and                                Perrie  talking then I looked at niall her saw stuffing his face with food it was so cute 

                     then i was wondering have i developed a crush on the irish blond boy 

                       the rest of the day went by the same me seeing Niall looking at me sometimes and at the end of the day

                  harry took me home my mom was still at work so i went to my room and put on sleeping with sirens do it no                                                        remember it later   .soon after i feel asleep      




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