forever and always ~niall horan~

Erica is a american girl that moved because of her dad what happens when she meets Harry,Niall,Louis,Liam,and Zayn will she soon fall for Niall or have a romance with another boy


5. louis's birthday

                                                                                     (few weeks later)


 Louis yelled at me from my drive way me and Louis have gotten really close 

'well hello to you to Louis' i said as i hugged him

 'well what are you waiting on get in the damn car so we can go to school i miss my hazzabear'

'okay okay i'm coming'     

(skip car ride at school with the boys )

''Hey guys what did you do this weekend'

'I was at sophia's house '

'oooooohhhhhhh LIAM WHO IS THAT'

I yelled in the parking lot of school

then i felt Liams hand over my mouth 'sssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhh don't

be so loud about it 'he hissed

the boys just laughed

'Well spill tell me everything i want to meet her when can i mee-' i was cut off by Liam


He said very fast i was wondering why 

'okay okay mate calm your tits ' Zayn said 

'Holy nipples were going to be late for class' i said 

'Nipples really Erica what happen to fudge' Niall said with his ocean blue eyes glued on 

  me i was turning a dark red the ran to class after saying a bye to the boys as they walked 

i made it to class on time the were 3 minutes late

(lunch time )

'Hey lou i heard your birthday is coming up so what are you going to do for it "

i asked 

'I'm just going to have you and the boys come over watch movies play games get snacks '

them i see the boys come running over and Liam and zayn fighting the way to me 

'What is going on "

niallhasacrushoneyou' Liam and Zayn said at the same time so i couldn't under stand them then niall come running over with a angry look on his face and grabed them from the table about ten minutes later they return rubbing their heads they got hit with something

'Hey guys were all here so why don't we talk about my party tomorrow ' Louis said sitting on harry lap 

'Okay i got this harry and louis will get the drinks and party decorations me and zayn will invite people Erica and Niall can go get the food'. 

'Okay' Niall said with a little blush coming upon his cheeks

"So what time is the party and what time is it going to be ' zayn asked 

'8-10 but for you guys 6-the nexed day my parents are on a trip and my sisters will be at are grams house do were going to be alone yesssssss' Louis said 

authors note :next chapter will be them at the party and stuff like that XD sorry uodate tomorrow



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