forever and always ~niall horan~

Erica is a american girl that moved because of her dad what happens when she meets Harry,Niall,Louis,Liam,and Zayn will she soon fall for Niall or have a romance with another boy


6. getting ready for the party


(what Erica is wearing )

Niall's p.o.v

The music was blaring i lost Liam i had no idea wear he when so i went searching for Louis 

i had no idea Liam and Zayn invited this mush people .

"HEY NI" i hear someone yell 

i turn around and see a drunk Zayn walking over to me with bear in his hand 

"zayn are you drunk ?'


Zayn said i could tell this was going to one bad night.

Then i look up to see zayn was gone and Erica walking throw the door

she had i black and white dress on that fit her perfectly she look gorgeous.

"Hey Nialler "

she called me over to her as i was walking i say jason the schools jock run over to Erica and smash his lips on hers 


Erica's p.o.v


"Hey Nialler " I said beacuse i saw Naill 

Then the next thing i knew there were lips on mine i had no idea who's they were i 

knew the wern't niall's he was to far way to get to me that fast

then he was pulled off me i saw that jason kissed me andiall pulled him off me.

Then Niall pulled me upstairs so jason would not see use.

We went to look in Louis room to hide in there but Louis and harry were making out on the bed 

so we went in frizzys room when we got in then i sat on the bed and niall did to 

"Why did you do it ?"

i asked

"Nobody touches my princess but me "

"What do you me-' i was cut of by lips mine 



authors note :

Im so sorry i have not updated in a while and what a cliffhanger 









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