forever and always ~niall horan~

Erica is a american girl that moved because of her dad what happens when she meets Harry,Niall,Louis,Liam,and Zayn will she soon fall for Niall or have a romance with another boy


2. Erica Sophia Payne

                                                                   HI i'm Erica Sophia Payne  

       Me and my mom moved to London to be away from my dad he was not the nicest person                       he beat me and my mom for 14 year i'm 17 now 

                                   i love sleeping with sirens and pierce the veil  

                            my friends back in Florida are Lena Emma , and Fiona 

                                 my favorite colors are blue red and green.

                 when i was 12-15 i used to cut i was taken to a metal hospital for 3 months and  

           I got better but the beating still went on there was a few times i thought about suicide

                but i knew i couldn't i had my mom that would not last long with my dad .



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