My names Ash, im 17 with purple hair and a lip ring. I'm not that pretty but i'm kinda smart i guess. I like to be alone alot i dont know why, i guess i'm not a people person?
Anway, my 18th birthday is in 20 days, and what i find a couple days before is something that will change me forever...


2. Broken Pencil

I walked into the Alya School building with my head down making my glasses fall off. Whoops. As i stopped to pick them up a crowd off 'Popular' kids behind me started laughing and giggling until one of them said,

"O look, Miss geeko dropped her glasses, why don't we go help look?" 

Before i could reply i heard a snap and instantly turned round to see my BRAND NEW glasses snapped in half. Suddenly a blonde haired girl with like 50 pounds of make up on and a very short skirt giggled so innocently i wanted to slap her,

"Oppsy Daisy!" 

They all walked away and into the Canteen before i could reply, sadly.Standing up, i picked up my up my broken glasses and kept walking getting glances and whispers and occiasnly a few random boys coming up too me syain "Geeko" If you didn't guess already, that's my nickname, i hate it but i guess when you don't mean anything, no ones gives a damn. 

As i reached my first class i breathed out slowly and stood awkardly by the door as the second bell rang. Yup still no one there. After waiting a few minuets i finally push the door open an inch and noticed everyone already sitting in there sits waiting quietly. I started to panic. They never NEVER are quiet or are there early, they must off been waiting for me. Touching My lip piercing i calmed down a bit, of course they weren't waiting for me, none of them even new my real name! With a sigh of relief and a second or two  of laughter to myself i walked into the room fully and realised that might have been the worst mistake off my life...

"What are you doing here bitch?"

"O god you are so ugly, it must take you forever to look that bad. i mean, even worse than you normally look"

"Wow fatty wan't some bacon?"

And alot more comments were thrown my way i looked down to my feet. This isn't happing, this isn't happening. As the first tear rolled down my cheek, so did another one,and another one, until i was properly crying as i made my way to my seat. Just as i thought it couldn't get worse, someone pulled my chair out as i was about to sit down and everyone started laughing.

"How old are you, 7?" I stared at him in disgust and he just burst out laughing and sat back in his seat. So well for my comeback.

As it was a study lesson, are teacher normally didn't bother coming in, i honestly don't know where she got her degree, so it was a long double period... Once the ball rang i praticaly ran for the door making sure my spare glasses were on properly, and walked quiet fast to the toliets until i over head something. It was the year 7s, they were all crowded round this girl who i could was trying not to cry, since i've been there myself, i heard them call her stuff like

Bitch and Whore, And that she cuts herself for attention. Trying to keep my anger on hold, i stormed into the bathroom and stared at myself in the mirror. Lucky i forgot to put makeup on today.

After i freshened up i walked through the halls and to the school entrance. I wasn't going to spend the rest of my day here, i couldn't. Taking a deep breath i pushed open the doors and stepped out whist pulling out my phone, it was crap.  I could only call or text on it and it was super small with a keyboard where you couldn't even see what was written on it. Scrolling through my messages,( which was zero, i just say that to make myself fell better) i found out i had a text, exicted i opened it and stared, tears and anger on face. It was from Naill, or at least thats what it siad. You see, the care home actually had Naills number after he 'disappeared' i never asked why though, i always thought they stole it, so i stole it from them. Don't judge, i mean not talking to your brother in 14 years is a while                       The text read...

Dear Little sister, Ash. You probably have alot of questions about everything, and if you still remember me, i would love to explain. I know you probably hate me,i do a little bit 2, but i wanted to say that i missed you, and can't believe you are turning 18!


I couldn't move. On one hand i was so angry i felt like i was going to explode, but on the other i felt a relief that he was okay. Just as i was about to text back, i hear a car horn, and someone shouting then realized i was on the road and i car was speeding at me. Unable to move, partly not wanting 2, partly shocked. I let the car embrace me

It all went black.


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