My names Ash, im 17 with purple hair and a lip ring. I'm not that pretty but i'm kinda smart i guess. I like to be alone alot i dont know why, i guess i'm not a people person?
Anway, my 18th birthday is in 20 days, and what i find a couple days before is something that will change me forever...


1. All about me

My names Ash, I'm an outcast or a reject you could say. No one ever notices me, heck i could just dissapear and no one would give a damn. I'm in a care home, no parents didn't do anything to me, i dont have a sob story about that. All i know is that they died in a car accident and my older brother was never found. His name was... i think Naill? Anyway, i haven't seem him since then, but i imagine what he looks like. Tall with blonde hair and blue eyes with not very muscualr arms. And he would like food, like me! I know i should stop eating because i really hate myself and my figure; but no matter how many times i try not to eat, it only lasts for 3 days or so, then i just start eating again and it repeats its self,


I have purple hair and a lip ring but i dont always wear it. Im not that pretty, but i wouldn't say im ugly. I'm kinda geek/emo and im 17 turning 18 in 20 days

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