When some asks me how did we meet I say,
"No single riders, you know that little missy."
"I'm single!"
They don't believe me when I say I used to work at an amusement park.
I met him because I did, is what I tell them.

For sure you liked him right away?
They always ask.

No.. I rejected him.

How did you end up here?

I'm still not sure.


1. Cedar Point Babes

"Lets go!" I shout at the back up in front of me.

"Oh my God Alex, what are you expecting?" Vanessa says from the back seat.

"LOVE. Just kidding." I say as I turn down the road to the hotels. Damn does it feel good to be out of that terrible back up.

"Damn there is so many people here." Olivia says as we drive past the parking lot of the park. The park isn't even thinking about opening up to everyone for about one and a half more hours, trust me, I know.

"Well 5sos is suppose to be here this weekend, and it's Cedar Point." I say.

"Are we staying at the breakers?" Hailey asks from the seat directly behind me.

"I think. I'm not sure." I say as I pull into a random parking spot to check the reservations I made.

"You're the one who arranged this weekend!" Hailey yells at me.

"Damn. I work here too." I mumble as I pull out the paper from my bag. "Yes we are staying at the breakers." I say. I pull out of the parking spot and go a spot closer to the hotel we are staying in.

"Maybe they will be in the same hotel as us!" Vanessa squeals. I roll my eyes and open the door of the car..

"Hopefully the same room." Olivia adds as she walks out from the spot next to me.

"Oh my God you guys are such fangirls." I say with a chuckle.

"Hey! You like them too." Vanessa snaps. I roll my eyes and pop the trunk of the mini van.

"Did you really have to take your mom's mini van?" Hailey asks.

"Did you want to bring clothes or not." I say as I grab my bag from the back. I place it on the ground and wait for the others to get their things.

"Did you say you work here?" Olivia asks getting the last bag from the trunk, which is hers, obviously. 

"Oh yeah. I'm a screamster." I say proudly as I close the trunk.

"A what?" Vanessa asks.

"Those people that scare you in the haunted houses." I say.

"But isn't it Halloweekends this weekend?" Olivia asks.

"Yes it is, but I have this weekend off. And I get in free. Also I get a hotel room for half price." I say as we walk into the lobby.


"Hey!" Someone yells at me. I spin on my heels and see James.

"Hi James! You working this weekend?" I ask walking toward him.

"Yeah. I need to crash here though." He says with a sigh.

"Screamster this weekend or actual worker?" I ask stopping so that there is about two feet between us.

"They need me to work Dragster." He says shrugging.

"GET ME THE SWEATSHIRT!" I shout causing James to step back a little, because I literally just screamed in his ear.

"Don't you have the Mantis one? And you can't get that one anymore." He points out.

"Yes I do, but I want the -"

"ALEX!" Someone shouts. "CATCH UP WITH YOUR BOYFRIEND LATER!" I turn around as see the girls waiting for me to check in.

"Give me a minute." I say an go to the desk. James nods at me I swear we aren't dating.

"Hi Matt!" I say. He was working the desk and is actually my ex..

"Alex! What brings you here?" He asks. I hand him the paper with the reservations on it and he does what he does and says. "Well shit." He mumbles.

"Oi! You can't swear on duty!" I say laughing a bit.

"Okay so as you know Five Seconds of Summer are staying here this weekend and we thought we kept everyone off of floor 15, which you know has two penthouses, the boys rented penthouse B and you rented A. So therefore you girls need to not disturb the boys." Matt says.

"Fuck me." I mumble

"Gladly." Matt smirks, resulting in me leaning across the desk and smacking him. He laughs it off and says

"Here are your keys and passes m'am."

"Thanks." I say with a glare.

"Hey I get off in a bit. Want to meet me at Dragster?" He asks.

"Sure." I say and spin on my heal and hand the girls the keys.

"Guess what?" I say to them.

"What?" They all ask simultaneously.

"The impossible happened. There are only two rooms on the floor I rented and the boys are on it. How did this happen?" I say.

"AHHHH!" They all scream and squeal.

"Shhhhhut up!" Matt and I yell at the same time.

"Save your screams for the rides. I'm gonna go with James take my stuff up?" I ask. They all nod. They are all smiling like idiots.

"By the way you and Matt were a cute couple." Vanessa says as she takes my luggage. I stick my tongue out at her.

"Okay James lets go!" I say.

"Nice shirt." He says. I look down and it is my Mantis crew sweatshirt.

"You think I should change?" I ask.

"Nah your fine. You have jeans on. And if anyone asks I can say you were cold and took mine." He shrugs.

"I'd rather not the whole staff think we're dating... Again." I say as we walk to the park. It was 4:30, and because it was Friday the park didn't open till 6.

"How are you getting in?" James asks.

"Please I got this." I say as we reach the employee entrance.

"Hey Alex! You working this weekend?" Mary asks me.

"Nahh but I do need to get in early." I say. "You know before the storm." (Referring to the massive amount of people outside the gates) She nods.

"If I get busted I blame you." She says. I laugh a little and say

"Thanks babe! Besides the pass holders and the hotel stayers come in at 5, it's not that bad. Just say you thought I was working because of my sweatshirt." She laughs and James and I walk in.

"I didn't think you could do that." James says.

"You can't." I say with a laugh.

"Oh." He says. We were walking with our arms linked. Okay maybe that's why people think we're dating. I swear we're not.

"You missed testing." I say.

"Eh. Leo said he'd cover me. All I've got to do is speak into the mic." He says.

"Ooo you got mic duty?" I say.

"Yes." He says with a smirk.

"Oh my God look at the amount of girls here." I say pointing to the mob a girls.

"If you haven't noticed the staff is mainly males this weekend." James adds.

"True. Except the screamsters." I say.

"How are you a regular worker and screamster?" He asks.

"Magic. Just kidding its because when I first started working here I was a back up ride operator and a screamster two years ago." I say.

"Oh. I didn't know you could do that either." He says. We were almost at Dragster.

"Are you sure you kids aren't dating?" Sarah asks. She's one of the older operators.

"Positive Mrs. B." We both say.

"Whatever. You and Matt still going out?" She asks.

"No m'am broke up about two months ago." I say with a slight laugh.

"Shame, you two were adorable." She says.

"Oh my God why do people keep saying that!" I say.

"Well you kids are only eighteen." She shrugs.

"Okay." I say.

"You better ride Raptor tonight missy." She says and walks away.

"I love her sass." James says as we walk to the station.

"I know right!" I say.

"Wait you started here at sixteen! As a back up ride operator!" He exclaims.

"Okay not operator, seatbelt person." I say.

"That makes more sense." He says. We walk up into the station.

"LEO!" I shout and I bear hug him.

"Oh my God Alex!" He shouts hugging me back. Okay I'll admit, most of the staff thinks I'm dating a billion people. I have a lot of guy friends for a girl.

"Oh my God, Leo a little to much cologne. God." I say pretending to cringe.

"Hey little missy I do what I can. There will be plenty of ladies here today." He says.

"Yeah okay but James has cologne on but didn't bathe in it damn." I say. You see I got the nickname little missy because of my sass.

"Shouldn't there be three more people here?" I say.

"Yeah, Mason is down where the people get off, Steve is in the booth and Byron is talking to him." Leo says. I nod and I hear James say


"James!" I shout. I'm not gonna lie, my male friends are kinda hot. What? Don't judge me.

"Yeah mic works perfectly Steve." James says giving the okay sign.

"James I will personally give you a hard time with my seatbelt." I say glaring at him. He puts his hands up in defense and I laugh. Byron comes out of the booth and walks across the track to the gate.

"Ten minutes." Byron says. "Hey Alex! You're not working this weekend, why are you here?"

"Girls weekend." I say.

"SHE'S TRYING TO HOOK UP WITH 5SOS!" Someone shouts.

"MATT!" I say turning around.

"Speaking of the devil." Leo mutters.

"You weren't kidding when you said you got off soon. Where are the girls?" I ask.

"5sos just got here." He says.

"Ohh that explains it." I say.

"AYYE! MASON!" Matt shouts. Mason looks up from his phone and waves.

"FIVE MINUTES!" Byron yells. Matt puts his hands around my waist and I swear all of the boys roll their eyes. I turn around and push Matt off of me in the process.

"You sure you two aren't together anymore?" Steve says in the mic of the booth. I roll my eyes.

"Whatever!" I shout at Steve and stick my tongue out at him.

"OI! ZAC!" Matt yells. Zac is a worker too, but he's not working this weekend.

"Why are you here, you're not working this weekend." I say to him.

"Right back at ya babe." Zac says with a wink. Again all the boys roll their eyes. Okay I get flirted with a lot. So?

"Hey boys! I'll be back later, help out with the after closing crowd." I say. They nod and I walk out with Zac and Matt. Our arms are linked. I swear we will start singing "we're off to see the wizard" any second. My phone rings and I unlink my arm from Matt and pull my phone out of my pocket.

"Hello?" I say.

"Hey it's Olivia! Vanessa and I are gonna come down in a bit. Hailey claims that she will marry Calum or what ever ago she'll meet up with us later." Olivia says.

"Okay cool! I'm here with Matt and Zac. We are gonna just walk for a bit. We'll meet you at Power Tower." I say.

"YOU'RE WITH MATT! I WIN!" I hear Vanessa shout. I roll my eyes at that.

"Okay so we will probably have more of my friends when we meet up but whatever bye." I say and hang up. I put my phone in my pocket and Matt relinks his arm with me. I don't know why but all of my female friends like Matt and all my guy friends hate him.

"So Zac what's up?" I say.

"Chilling with the hottest girl I know." Zac says with a smirk. I whack him.

"Stop it!" I say.

"Well I told you I'd fuck you earlier." Matt says shrugging.

"You too!" I shout as I smack Matt.

"What did we do!?" They shout.

"Is this how it's gonna be tonight?" I ask.

"I doesn't have to be if you don't want to." Zac winks.


"Ha! You just implied you would fuck us!" Matt says.

"I obviously won't fuck you, I don't fuck with the break ups baby." I say. Matt pretends to pout.

"Oi! Matty!" I shout. Yes I know a Matt and a Matty, judge me.

"Hey Alex!" He says. "Want to test ride the sling shot?" He says.

"I ain't paying you shit." I say with a laugh.

"Of course you aren't. Employee discount." he says with a wink.

"More like flirt discount." Matt mumbles like I couldn't hear him.

"Sure babe!" I say and I go into the ball. Matty straps me in and walks back over to the operator booth and says.

"You want a count down babe?" Into the mic.


"I TOLD YOU I'D BANG YOU ALREADY!" I hear Matt shout.

"I WILL KILL YOU!" I scream.

"BYE!" Matty shouts and I'm launched. You'd expect me to scream right? Nah. I laughed my ass of instead. Very clearly I have broken so may rules and I've been here for like an hour. Judging by the fact I get flirted with a lot, single or not, I am apparently "attractive to the male eye" so I get free shit. The ride ends and Matty undoes the buckles and says

"What do you think babe, good for another bounce?" As he leans on the ball.

"Oh definitely." I say with a laugh.

"That's my girl not screaming on a ride." Matty says as he pulls me out of the ball.

"Go get 'em tiger." I say with a wink as I laugh walking off the ride.

"You broke so many rules right there." Matt says.

"Clearly." I state.

"Ayye! Sheila!" I shout to my friend siting in the shed for the train gate workers. She comes out of the shed in her glorious overalls.

"Hey Alex!" She says. "Not scaring kids tonight?" She say leaning on the railing.

"Yeah." I say.

"See ya later!" She says. My phone rings and I see it's Vanessa.

"Where are you? I swear if you're fucking in a bathroom-"

"Bitch that's just unsanitary." I say.

"You should know, you've cleaned them." She says. "Get your ass by Power Tower I've got a gift for you." And the line is dead. I swear I heard giggling.

"Race you to Power Tower!" I shout at the boys and I start sprinting.


"Holy fuck what did I just do?" I pant as I buy water. I'm already in last place so. James waves to me and continues with his job. I drink and walk over to the boys.

"What the fuck do you wa- holy- this can't be good." I say.

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