One Direction Imagines

Hiiii! This is just a random book with mini One Direction imagines in, if you would like one then tell me:
Your name
The boy you want
Any other bits you want :)


2. Zayn

Your married to Zayn Malik and today is like any other day. except from one exception.

Your alarm goes of and you wake to see your husband sitting at the end of your bed frustrated. your crawl over to him and put your arms around his waist from behind and say "Morning baby. what's up?" he turned round and smiled at you so now your facing each other. He took you hands in his and a saddened look swept across his perfect face. Now you start to get worried and he could tell because his grip tightened. He finally said something. "Babe, I've done something. something stupid but you cant get mad at me ok?" The expression on his face was like he was pleading. "Of course I wont. what have you done?"........ "well you know Louis, well he got involved with a drug dealer, the police had somehow found out, so whilst his place got searched, he asked me to look after the stash for a while and a second lot of police turned up to the lock up. I was at the lock up when they came and now I am getting the blame and they want to search me." At this point he is close to tears and his head is facing the floor. You look at him and feel sorry for him, you kiss his forehead and run your hands through his hair trying to calm him down. He carries on explaining by saying "But the worst thing is Louis wont take it back and he wont say it was him so there is no proof they aren't mine and there's nothing I can do. If anyone is getting sent down its going to be me."

"Louis that bastard." you get off the bed and angrily throw on tracksuit bottoms and a tank tee shirt, and a pair of converse. you grab your keys and phone and go to the door. "Babe where you going?" You turn around to reply and say "I'll be back soon, just don't worry and don't move, if anyone knocks the door don't answer it ok?" he nods and you leave slamming the door behind you. you get in your car and speed off to Louis house.

You pull up outside his house and you bang your fists on the door repeatedly. "Louis answer your door NOW!!" you keep banging the door until he answers, and when he does you barge through the door and knock him straight on his back. you pick him up from the floor and hold him up against the wall. "You take them drugs of yours back and tell the police that Zayn had nothing to do with them." He just laughed and sniggered at me which made me more mad. You pushed him harder against the wall and he actually starts to struggle. "what are you going to do anyway. Its got nothing to do with you really has it?" "Err were married and it would of had nothing to do with Zayn but he was being a nice friend trying to help you, your not his friend. you tell the police the truth and you don't get hurt." you could see on Louis face he was actually scared because you could see the sweat dripping from his face, and his body trembled. Louis was still trying to sound hard so he said "Make me!" You screw your face up in anger a thrust your other fist into his nose with force. He drops to the floor and lands in a heap against the wall. "Tell them or more Shit will happen. understand?" he nodded and you left slamming the door.

"Zayn? where are you?" you run into the bedroom and find him in a state of hysterical crying with his head in his hands crouching on the floor. you see him and rush over and grab his face and kiss him on the lips. "Its sorted, Louis' going to tell the police the truth, that you had nothing to do with it." He stops crying and looks up at you, thanking you still confused about what you did. He picks you up and repeatedly says thank you and throws you on the bed and kisses you on your lips and neck. things get passionate and the rest is history.




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