One Direction Imagines

Hiiii! This is just a random book with mini One Direction imagines in, if you would like one then tell me:
Your name
The boy you want
Any other bits you want :)


1. Harry

Harry is your boyfriend, you have been dating for four years today, you wake up to an empty bed you sat up to see a note on Harry's pillow. You picked it up and read it, the note said

"Hey baby, HAPPY FOUR YEARS! Sorry I'm not there but it will all become clear, get dressed and look in the kitchen Love you! -H xxxxx"

As soon as you finished reading the note you jumped up and put on your flowered dress with a jean jacket waist coat and brown sandals, you walked over to your mirror and platted the sides of your hair and clipped them to the back of you hair. you then apply a thin layer of foundation, eyeliner, mascara and lip gloss. Once you were satisfied with your look you made your way down the stairs and straight into the kitchen and sure enough like he promised there was another note on the kitchen side. You take it and read it.

"Hey again baby! Okay so your first clue is this; Go to your favourite place in the entire world! -H xxxx"

you thought for a moment when it clicked, you grabbed your house keys and phone and started to run down the street towards the mall. 'Hmm what shop?' you thought to yourself as you scanned the shops. "GUICCI!" you shouted and got a few weird looks off of people but you really don't care and you made your way to the shop.

When you went in you went straight to the cashier and asked "Hello, umm has Harry Styles been in here by any chance?" the cashier thought for a moment before handing you another note "Thank you" you said whilst taking the note.

"Hey baby! looks like you have found the third clue! Okay so here is your last clue; where did you and your brother used to play? -H xxxx"

you knew straight away where to go and made a run for the big town park, when you got there, there were loads of people gathered around someone so you pushed your way through the crowd and realised that someone was Harry, he was in the middle of a huge rose petaled heart, on one knee with a small red box in his hand. you stood there for a moment and ran up to him and not even letting him speak you grabbed his face in your hands and kissed him passionately. you pulled away for some air and he said "is that a yes then?" you couldn't speak so you only nodded and he slipped the diamond ring onto your finger after kissing you again.


You truly love this boy and nothing can stop that


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