movie night

it is about niall and you falling in love


2. a beautiful beginning

                "oh nothing much i just have a secret that i need to tell you" he said in the verge of crying "ok what is it? you can tell me any thing" you say in a comforting voice "oh um........... i-i-i-i'm in love with you. i just haven't been able to find a way to tell y-" you cut him off with a passionate kiss "i love you too" you say "really??" niall asked "really!" you tell him "now how about we go watch the rest of the movie?" you ask him "okay i guess so". you and niall walk in to the living room holding hands "whats with you to?" zayn asked "i know i know" louis was shouting happily "their in LOVE" he screamed as once as the boys heard this they look over at you and niall "is it true?" liam asked "r u two actually in love?" harry asked. you and niall looked at each other and smile then looked back at the boys  and smiled even bigger "yep!" you and niall said at the same time. when the boys heard this the shouted with happiness. and that was the beginning of a beautiful relation ship with niall......

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