movie night

it is about niall and you falling in love


1. the start

                  you were friends with all of the one direction boys and ya'll took turns having "movie nights" at each others flats. today it was harry's turn to have it at his flat. you were the last one to get there, when you opened the door you yelled "hey guys i'm here" "finally!" louis yelled on your way in to the living room you heard Louis say "ow" and by that you knew that one of them smacked him for saying that. when you got in there you sat next to zayn and harry "i'll be right back" niall said and he left the room after about 20 min the movie was about to start and niall was still not back "i'll be right back" you told the boys "ok" harry said. so you went and was looking for niall. "niall" you kept on yelling until he finally answered "i'm in here" you found him in the spare room sitting on the bed. you went in and sat next to him and started rubbing his back because he looked sad. "whats wrong niall?" you asked him...........

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