Psychotic in A Teacup.

Viviann Stewart is from a small town in Texas. When her single mother accepts a teaching position at Westfield Elementary school in sunny L.A, Vivi is forced to adjust, and to move into the infamous 'Murder House.' The setting of countless, gruesome murders.


2. Something Wicked This Way Comes.

       Tate sat on the floor of my bedroom while I organized my books. He stared at me intently, and it made me uncomfortable. I let my hair down and shoved it over my face, obscuring his view. He screwed up his nose. In a flash he was standing and moving my hair behind my ears. 

"I'm looking at you, ya know." He said. His eyes were twinkling with something I couldn't place. I coughed awkwardly. 

"Yes well, I don't like when people look at me. It makes me uncomfortable. Look at a book, I've got plenty." I shoved a book against his chest and escaped to the other side of the room. He smirked at me, but did as he was told. He flipped through it, read the back. 

"I've never heard of this." He mumbled. 

"It's a collection of Charles Bukowski poems. He's my absolute favorite. Next to Lang Leav, of course. They're both brilliant." Slowly, I slid against the wall, my arms wrapped around my knees. He followed suit, except he sat cross legged. He leafed through the book and picked at the ripping hem of his pants absentmindedly. 

"I like this guy. He's got some insight." Tate finally decided, shutting the book. 

" 'Do you hate people?' " I recited, a smile on my face. " 'I don't hate them...I just feel better when they're not around.' That's from his book Barfly."

Tate returned my smile, except his was so much better. It was soft, and kind. His dimples reached both sides of his face, causing a sharp intake of breath from me. I bit my lip and hung my head. 

"I don't usually just let people in my room, you know. So, feel special." I mumbled. He scooted to sit beside me. 

"I knew a girl who lived here before you. I see you in her room, but you are so much more...bright." Tate's brown eyes bore into mine as he lifted my chin up to look at him. I shook a little. People didn't usually get to touch me, either. Here this random boy was, in my room and touching me. I didn't know how to feel. I knew it didn't bother me, but that was all. Another cocky smirk crept onto his face, but he released me. 

"I have to go now, Viviann." I cringed at the use of my full name. 

"Call me Vivi, please. Viviann is outdated." I still hadn't looked away from him. He was standing before I could blink properly. 

"Can I come see you tomorrow, Vivi?" He asked. His expression was that of a lost puppy. His moods were riveting. 

"S-sure." I stammered. His face lit up like a Christmas tree and I couldn't help but return it. He was infectious. 

Almost as if he was never there to begin with, he was gone just as fast. His presence left me dizzy. 


"Vivi! Vivi come down here, I have someone you need to meet!" My mother's voice steadied me. I followed it into the kitchen, where I saw her sitting with an elderly woman. Her hair was a shocking red. She was blind in one eye. 


"Vivi, this is Moira. She's been cleaning this house for years. She's going to be here during the day while i'm gone to help around the house." My mother smiled at Moira and then me. I forced a smile to Moira as well. I was excited that I wouldn't be having to share the house with anyone. 

"She'll be here around eight am, and leave around three.'' My mother added, noticing my distress. I nodded tightly. 

"Great. That's great." I replied. "If you'll excuse me." I murmured. I heard my mother explaining my 'condition' to Moira. I rolled my eyes. 

Great. Now it was a condition. 

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