Journey's of the Wind

"As the wind runs, so do I. I flow with the river at day and night. Don't be afraid, I'll be back soon. To tell you my adventures with the stars and the moon." ~ Unanimous.


1. Journeys of the Wind


Journeys of the Wind


"As the wind runs, so do I. I flow with the river at day and night. Don't be afraid, I'll be back soon. To tell you my adventures with the stars and the moon."


               I watch as the creatures of the forest live without the fear of my presence. Seeing them happy in their confined time and world makes me want to yip and shout. Watching deer move in such an alert state makes the rabbit look simple-minded as it nibbles at food it found. As the trees creak and bend, their leaves shiver and fly away, seeing something else that caught their eye. The trees, watching their leaves fly away seem to smile in a knowing fashion, like they expected their offspring to skitter off on their own adventures. My heart skips a beat as I watch precious creatures fall at the end of their time, the fire that roamed in their bodies being set free to fly. Eons in their time seem like moments to me and my companion, and yet I seem to feel the tiredness of time on my soul. My companion and I sit still, hearing the noises the river makes as it changes it's mind on where to go. Carrying fish and frogs as it travels through the land. 

               She, my faithful companion, and do anything she wanted and I am but a humble eyewitness. She can destroy lives, and give shelter to living creatures in need. She can create new homes for civilizations, and yet it doesn't make a difference. The two of us run with the buffalo and walk with the turtle. We sprint past the cheetah and fall behind the giant whale. Over time her homes breed nourishment to the land, bringing refreshment to nature. Seeing that her works have helped others feeds joy to both our never ending souls. I travel with her, watching and she tenderly gives hope to people's lives. Giving them subtle hints of love and joy. Watching her inspires me to journey on through this world, seeking to give hope to creatures like her. 

               I have sat on the side-lines of wars and battles, crying as I watch precious creatures die meaningless deaths. My companion comforts me as I cry out in anguish as betrayal and deception play out before me. Seeing these things builds an inferno inside of me to protect the innocence of this world. But who am I to try and do this task? I can only take the hand of my companion and run with her as I watch endless scenarios unfold. I feel the pain of knives, feel the hot tears of realization, and feel the everlasting peace of endings as I attend gatherings of people to remember lives that have fallen. Humans and creatures of nature all run in a circle of chase as they try to over power others. I've come to know these things through experience. Now, I bless the innocent and rebuke the foolish, yet my punishments only come out in whispers.

               As I walk along a path made by humans, I watch creatures of the night go about their business, completely oblivious to what I'm doing. They seem to know what they want and how they're going to get it. I crouch down to come face to face with a lightning bug, and yet it flies right through me. I've become numb to this and I turn my head to smile and gaze at the tiny hovering insect. Stretching out my finger for it to land on, I only send it farther away from me without even touching it. Smiling, I feel the presence of my companion behind me, my, otherwise iridescent hair flies out of my face as I gaze at my never failing friend. She is tougher than me, for I always cry and fall apart when dreadful things happen. I take her silvery hand and we seem to walk on air as she takes me with her. I have never complained about where we went, because I never felt the need to. I have always loved to learn about all her journeys and where she has been. She shows me wonders that I have seen many times and yet, every time I come to it it seems like a new discovery. She and I live in a different world than the rest, we send our souls to a flow of time that seems to never end. We have watched over and cared for nature and it's inhabitants for as long as either of us can remember.

             So I guess if you asked me the name of my wonderful companion I would simply reply, I don't know. She has never told me her name for she has none that was given to her. She was never announced, never given proper introduction to nature saying, 'Here she is, now take care of her.' She simply is here and around us everywhere. I have had the privilege of traveling with her and caring and watching time roll by. I guess I should give her a name right? After all, I can only go on calling her friend for so long. I have never thought of something different for her so I guess this feels strange, giving her a name, so I'll just give her the name humans have given her. Wind. I never understood why it fit her so well but I guess you can't question wondrous things like she. Well if she has her name, then I must have one too. She doesn't speak much to me so I've never heard a name for myself. I need something that will fit who I am. Humans don't know who I am, nor does nature. She only knows I exist. I'm fine with that, therefore my name needs to be something for her to call me by. That's it, I shall be known as Wind Rider, for I live to go with her wherever she goes. I'm happy now, I have a name to call myself and her. I am complete. I am Wind Rider.

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