Good girl

Hey guys im jada this is my 5sos fan fiction hope u like it :) ;)


1. start

Jadas pov:

I grabbed my coat and shoes and ran out.

My two best friends where there

"Hey jada" liv said

"Hey jada" jess said

"Hey you guyss" i said back

When we got to school it was form so we walked to are form room.

I sat next to luke and calum.

"Hiya" i said to them

"Hey" calum said

"Can i talk to you at break" luke said

"Sure" i said trying to act cool

We sat together in everything

So close i couldnt breath but i kinda like it.

It got to break so i went and waited for him out side if class.

"I dont know how to tell you this but i kinda"

I k k kinda like you" he said

" me you l like me" i asked thinking i was dreaming.

Then he kissed me

It was a long kiss

But i liked it.

I broke away

Lukes pov:

I cant believe i did that

We have been friends for so long

But i love her.

"Jada do you wana go out tonight"i asked

" id love to luke"she said

"And will you b be my g girlfriend" i asked

"Of corse"she looked astonished that id asked

We walked hand in hand to class

Jadas pov:


We sat together hand in hand and laughed and talked.

Calum looked upset

"Are you ok calum" i asked

"Yeah im fine"he said

"Oh ok then"i said

(Skip rest of school)

School was over so quick

"See you tonight babe"luke said

" see you tonight"

I walked home with liv and jess

Jess:ash aka ashton asked me out

L:mikey asked me out

And luke asked me

When i got home we all went into my room

And got dressed did are make up and curled are hair

I got a text from lukey

Hey baby can me u mikey liv ash and jess meet up tonight at pizza hut xx

Yeah baby what time xx

8 xx

Ok xx

Its a date xx

Did u read that girls

They said yep (popping the p)

I was wearing a black laced dress with laced up black high heals and a bit of make up.

Luke came for me

"What you wearing babe" he asked me

"Clothes" i said back

"Are you wearing make up you know your pretty without it right"he said


"I will let you where it if you give me a good reson why you should and thats not because it makes me look good because your beautiful without"

I thought long and hard

I ran upstairs

"Baby where you going"

"To take this make up off"

I heard him chuckle

When i came down we went to the car.

He opened the door for me.

"What a gentle men haha"

"Thanks" he said smirking

When he got in the car he put his cd in.

We started talking about music,bands and each other.

Hey guys I hope you like it love jada updating soon xxx

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