Good girl

Hey guys im jada this is my 5sos fan fiction hope u like it :) ;)


5. hi lol

He picked me up for school

The first person i saw was miranda the school slut smiling at luke he just passed her holding my hand and saying "shes a slut"


Maria ashley paige amalie waiting for me

Luke went to see the boys

Sarah and gabby and Mia was near me.

I heared laughter and then felt something

I was pushed into the lockers

Blood gushing from my nose

"Aww is poor little jada gonna go cry to luke"

"Leave me alone" i yelled

"Ur boys is too good for u hun"

Just then luke came to me and punched gabbys boyfriend and we walked off the boys walking behind us.

We went to his car and and he drove all of us to his house.

When we got there

"Babe are u ok" he asked kissing my head.

"Yeah im ok thanks"

We all went inside.

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