Good girl

Hey guys im jada this is my 5sos fan fiction hope u like it :) ;)


4. bood

When i got there I notice the boys

"Hey guyss" i say

"Jay" mikey says

"Jay" i ask

"Yep jay i just made it up on the spot" mikey said

We all laugh the rest say heyy

"The girls are coming soon" luke says

" you could have invited me then"i say

"Ik ik but i wanna see u now babe"

I kiss him

"Guyss get a room" cal said

"Shit I forgot about him"I thought

"Im a crappy friend" I thought

I just shuffle onto lukes lap in between mikey abd cal

Cal looks at me with his brown eyes staring into my eyes

I can't believe it if it wasn't for luke i was gonna ask cal out.

I sometimes wish he liked me but how could he

Im just a idiot girl.

I stop my thoughts and look at luke

His expression in a frown.

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