Good girl

Hey guys im jada this is my 5sos fan fiction hope u like it :) ;)


9. bit c

Lukes pov:

I was mad about jada going upstairs

When i heard a yell

"Cal get of me" she yelled

"Whats going on up there" i shouted whilst running upstairs.

I herd jada but the door was locked

"Cal get of here" i shouted

"But she likes it" he said

"No i dont u pedo get off me" she says

"I thought you were different cal" she yells

"I just tho" cal said but she cut him off

"Well you thought wrong" she said

"Ok now open the damn door before i kick it off its hinges" i yell

"No luke for once the girl that i like will be mine u know I've liked her from kindergarten" he shouted

"Yeah so have i" i say

I kicked the door down.

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