The Everlasting Journey

This is the diary of a girl who is always running. Running from her past, present, and future. Running from her emotions, and her life. Saiome Burge has never been a normal girl, never had a normal life, and it looks fully like she never will, and she knows it. How will she cope with it? Or better question, how will she escape?


1. Run

The silver moon's light shone weakly through the dark, gray sky that seemed to go on forever, a miracle suspended by thin air. Thick, heavy clouds blocked out the normally comforting twinkle of the shining stars, each a personal guardian for the ones below them. A light drizzle of rain came down from the sky, sprinkling everything in its path with crystalline drops. And there I stood, on a rooftop, alone as usual. I was always alone. My whole existence, ever waking moment of my life, every breath I took, I was completely and utterly alone. I was feared, feared by all who knew what I was. That fear took away any chance at a normal life that I ever could have had. All because of one, stupid mistake on my part. The mistake that changed my life.
Gazing down, I wistfully watch the forms of scattered people wandering the streets, either going home or they didn't have a home. No one dared to be out in the streets for long at night, because of me. I was the current and largest threat to society, hunted down and to be killed on sight. But they couldn't do it. They could never do it, I was too advanced for them, and there was not a single thing they could do about it.

Taking a last glance, looking to see what I was leaving behind, I finally gathered the strength to turn around. To turn around and for once, not turn back. I couldn't now, everyone knew. The whole knew and probably the whole world, my very name was a warning light. My face was on the news, I could never stay in one place, I couldn't even be seen. "Why? Why can't they just talk about things for once? Instead of calling in the military to blast every town I was supposedly seen in to pieces, to tear homes apart, looking for the girl who was standing right behind them the whole time. And being utter morons who couldn't pick up the candle if it were placed in their hand." I remember muttering angrily, overcome with rage. Suddenly, a siren jolted me from my bitter thoughts, followed by the whump of a helicopter blade, cutting cleanly through the air. Looking down, I saw one of the men who was walking staring straight up at me with fearful eyes, a phone pressed to his ear.


"Well, I guess I've been seen!" I didn't bother keep my voice quiet, it was so obvious they were after me. Springing to my feet, I grabbed my bag, slinging it over my shoulder. I stepped towards the door to enter the building, but thought better of it. You never know where those guys in black could pop up without warning. Instead, I locked the door and ran to the edge of the roof. Pulling a grappling gun out of my satchel, I stared at the other side of the large gap between the building I stood on and the next, calculating how much of a jump it would take me. Glancing up, I heard the choppers getting closer, far too close for comfort. "It seems they've given up the element of subtly and fair - ish combat." Closing one eye, I focused the other on my target. Moving my finger over the trigger, I steadied my slightly shaking hands.

I'm Saiome Burge. I'm eighteen years old, and this is the story of the time I ran. Ran on a journey that would last forever.

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