The Everlasting Journey

This is the diary of a girl who is always running. Running from her past, present, and future. Running from her emotions, and her life. Saiome Burge has never been a normal girl, never had a normal life, and it looks fully like she never will, and she knows it. How will she cope with it? Or better question, how will she escape?


2. Escaping

Pulling the trigger, my heart skipped a beat as the grapple shot out, rope trailing behind it. I squeezed my eyes shut, counting to three under my breath and silently praying that I could survive and escape safely. "Please, please..." A loud clang sounded, and I opened my left eye hesitantly. The instant I did my heart soared, seeing the hook had wrapped itself around the fire escape pole. My lifeline. I glanced behind me at the helicopter rapidly approaching with an angry whirring noise, before stepping to the edge of the building, holding the grey metal handle of the grappling gun so tightly my fingers paled a blanch white. "Here we go again." With a wry, slightly sad smile, I found myself falling as I stepped the few inches that took me flying off the edge. For a split second I nearly forgot I had the grappling hook, and my breath hitched, but soon my jet black hair flew behind me, and I swung forward, towards a window. I silently told myself to hold on, kicking my feet out just as they collided with the glass, creating a loud smashing noise. Placing my feet down, I felt them hit the floor and released the breath I was  holding, pressing the button to retrieve the hook. I heard a wheezing sound coming from it as it pulled against itself, struggling against the unbendable metal before it finally unfurled, flying through the air until it clicked back into place in its dock. 

"I love you!" I pressed the cool metal against my pale pink lips gratefully, kissing it with a grin plastered on my face. Placing it back in my bag I whipped around and took off, shoes slapping against the sleek marble floor as I sprinted down the corridor. I glanced upwards at the ceiling as the  noises rang jarringly loudly in my head. My had breath quickened as grabbed the nearest door handle and practically tore the door off, yanking it open. I had known full well I wasn't safe here with those military and police people swarming around me, but it was definitely my best shot, and at the moment my only idea. The only possible way to have a chance at leaving here alive. Sure as hell though I would have gone down fighting. The room I walked into was lined with lockers of sorts,with garage doors. "Storage lockers." Mumbling,I continued down the rows, uninterested in them as I knew those guys would tear every single one apart looking for me.


Running my finger tips over a lock, I looked up desperately, tightening my jaw. "Come on, come on..." My eyes scanned the ceiling, trying to find what I was looking for. Walking down the hall a ways,  I could almost feel the rumble getting closer and closer, washing over me like a wave. "Come on!" I had felt ready to scream, panic rising in my chest as I quickened my pace, eyes flicking over the walls and floors as well. I couldn't go back there, I just couldn't. Not to that hell, but I doubted I would even get that anymore. I would have been killed on the spot at that point. Brushing a stray lock of hair out of my eyes, they finally landed on what they were searching for. "Yes!" I let out a breath I hadn't known I was ever holding, running down to the end of the hallway. Standing under my only chance, I stared up at the grill of the vents, thinking. Suddenly there was a loud bang, and footsteps echoed in the halls below me. My eyes widened as people yelled, but I couldn't make out what they were saying. Hand automatically diving into my satchel, I stared at the door, listening carefully.  "Damn, they're already on the second floor. They're fast."


Fingers finally closing around what I was searching for, I whipped out the laser pen, twisting the metal ring around it to the right setting. "Please let them not find me." Whispering to myself as I aimed the tip at one corner of the grill, thumb pressing down on the black, partially hidden button. A blue beam of light materialized from the glass end, shooting up and disintegrating the first silver screw. I silently cheered, when an odd, banging noise sounded, followed by the heavy clang of metal below me. They were shooting down the doors now. Quickly moving to the next one, I repeated the motions as the horde of footsteps thundered closer and closer, seemingly taunting me. Silver dust rained down on my hair as the screw was destroyed and the  metal gate swung open with a disturbingly loud clang


"Shhh! You trying to kill me!?" I whispered at it angrily, clenching my fist and grabbing a magnetic pod, tying it to the end of a piece of rope. As I was tying it, I listened closely, breathing slowing. Everything was silent. Silent was bad. She knew she couldn't escape, and so did they, they had no reason to be silent. Unless they were listening. Her slim fingers quickly double knotted it around the small, clawed device. Pressing the magnetizing button, I threw the pod into the duct. There was a clanging noise as it hit, then stuck firmly against the floor of the vent. Grabbing the rope, I started to pull myself up.




I heard the door next to me being blown open, and I quickly reached up, grabbing the next length of the rope hurriedly, pulling myself closer to the best hiding spot. Finally I reached the top and grabbed both edges of the smooth metal, hauling myself in into the confined, square space.




A loud blast sounded from my opposite side, and I new soon this room's door would suffer the same fate. Steadying myself, I had grabbed the rope, quickly yanking it up to join me. Stuffing the rope my satchel, I grabbed the grill of the air duct cover, pulling it back into its place so those guys wouldn't notice a very obvious escape route.




Fingers hooking around the crooks of the metal plate, I had just barely managed to click it into place before a loud boom rattled the room, almost causing the gate to slip from my grasp and crash open again. Holding my breath, I stared through the slots anxiously, watching as two men filed in with guns I'd rather not see first hand how powerful they could be. One by one, they slid the doors of the lockers up, guns raised and ready to shoot. I couldn't help but smirk a bit, happy my idea had worked as I heard their feet shuffling along the ground. However, my triumph didn't last long at all. As the two finished their search of the storage lockers, they turned to leave, one going to the next room. But the second, taller man noticed the pile of silver dust the remaining speckles of the screws left. My eyes widened largely, and almost tauntingly slowly, the man looked upwards, cocking his gun. My startled blue eyes met with his icy, electric blue ones, and for a long moment neither one of us dared to move or even breath. The man reached for his belt, pulling his walkie-talkie off its holster, bringing it up to his lips.


I was caught.

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