memories of summer

"Don't leave me."
"I'm not." He said.
Tears welled up in me.
"I love you." I kept repeating. He was silent.
Moments just passed and we were staring at each other.
"I have always loved you and always will, remember that. Always." he said at last and held me in his arms.


2. The long forgotten letters


I am coming back. Yes, we all are coming back. My father says that will be there by the second week of April. I know you are angry with me. I have not written to you last few years but I will explain everything after I come back. Oh, my friend how I have missed you. I cannot wait to come back there. I think father will be sending out a telegram for your father announcing our decision to arrive there but I wanted you to hear it from me. I miss you dearly and I am really excited.

Till then yours happy friend,


"Oh, God. OH GOD!!!" She looked back at the house from the garden and saw her mother and father watching out of the window. 

"I am fine", she shouted. She turned her back on them and walked. She did not see or hear anyone and ran towards the woods. She needed to clear her head. She needed to go to the riverside. She made her way through the woods, the path she has taken million times since she was a kid. Foster family owned a large estate. Their house, a huge mansion was situated near the woods which led to the river nearby making it a private spot for our Elizabeth to wander when she needed to. She reached her heaven, a small river flowing, green grass on the grounds. She loved the sound of the water flowing. She took her boots off and dipped her legs in the water. 

"He is coming and in less than two weeks." She shouted. "He is coming back. Why did he write to me? Why should he?" She laid down on the ground and closed her eyes.

Time just passed by and it was getting dark. She stood up and wore her boots. She stood there for a moment to watch the sun go down and give its final rays to the still water and then the sun was gone. Mother must be getting worried, she thought. She made her way back to the house. She passed through the woods and saw the lights coming from the house. Her mother was waiting out on the porch. 

"Mother," she said looking at her with earnest eyes. "He is coming back, mother. Why is he coming back mother?" 

"Oh darling", she hugged her "Are you not happy?"

"I do not know." Mrs Foster made her seat and held her tight and they just stayed there watching the darkness of the woods which was untouched by the lights from the house. 

Later, Elizabeth went straight to her room asking permission to skip dinner with mother. Mrs Foster did not say anything and allowed her daughter go. Once reached room, Elizabeth closed her door and stood there for a moment. 

Under the bed, next to the journal was abandoned cardboard box. She took it out and sat on her bed. She opened the box. There were letters inside. She took out the telegram she got earlier and kept it inside with the others. 

"Oh, Francis", she called out his name and laid on her bed holding the box close to her heart. 

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